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Bread loaves at Wildlife Bakery
Photograph: Graham Denholm

The best bakeries in Melbourne

Are you a sucker for a crusty baguette, a hunk of sourdough or a heavy, dark rye? This is our ultimate guide for bread lovers.

By Jess Ho

The humble loaf has had a bad rap over the last few years. Atkins warriors and keto worshippers have tarnished the good name of the baguette and even influenced people to eat their avocados without the support of a delicious piece of toasted sourdough. Sacrilege. For those who don’t fear grains, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite bakeries around Melbourne. May we influence you to pick up an olive loaf, lay back with toastie, and even leave with a bag full of pastries.

Prefer your baked goods sweet? Check out our favourite patisseries. More of a savoury kind of person? Here are the best pies in Melbourne.

The best bakeries in Melbourne

1. Baker Bleu

Restaurants Bakeries Caulfield North

Baker Bleu is probably best known for supplying the likes of AtticaCutler & Co. and the Carlton Wine Room with their bread, so you know it is outrageously good. Baker Bleu’s high-hydration, long-fermented and deeply caramelised loaves play such star roles that people sometimes forget about its excellent viennoiserie. Get in early, as they say they're open until 3pm, but it is not unusual for them to sell out before then. 

Bread loaves at Wildlife Bakery
Photograph: Graham Denholm

2. Wild Life Bakery

Restaurants Brunswick East

Tearing into the crunchy, deep caramel crust of Wild Life Bakery's sourdough feels like holy communion with carbs. The intense, chewy crumb in slices swabbed with miso butter or dipped into harissa-heavy shakshouka is why locals cram this bakery for breakfast and leave with lengths of baguettes and fruit loaves tucked under their arms.


3. Falco Bakery

Restaurants Cafés Collingwood

Falco Bakery focuses on traditional baking techniques with a few flourishes to keep the product true to its Collingwood home. Falco uses locally sourced ingredients with a focus on the seasons. Flours are sourced from Wholegrain Milling in NSW and Powlett Hill in Victoria, with chocolates coming from Birdsnake and milk from Saint David's Dairy. Expect Swedish cardamom buns, vegan chocolate brownies, sourdough English muffins, hot pies and sandwiches available for purchase next to those full, sourdough loaves accompanied by Falco's own coffee, roasted in-house.

Q le Baker
Photograph: Julia Healey

4. Q Le Baker

Restaurants Bakeries South Yarra

This artisan bakery specialises in whole wheat sourdough bread and pastries, resulting in a more complex and nutritious loaf. Q Le Baker uses locally milled rye, spelt and khorasan flours from Rolling Stone Mill and Laucke Flour Mills. Baker Quinten Berthonneau sources produce for his filled goods from other vendors in the Prahran Market for his meat pies, sandwiches and sweets. Hot tip: keep an eye out for their stall at weekly, accredited farmers markets and get in quick, they're usually the first bakery to sell out.


5. All Are Welcome

Restaurants Bakeries Northcote

All Are Welcome is situated in an old Christian Science reading room and adopted its name from the old signage above the door. Owner and baker, Boris Portnoy, previously worked as the head pastry chef of The Restaurant at Meadowood, a three-Michelin star restaurant in the Napa Valley, before relocating to Melbourne to set up his bakery. Expect seeded and rye sourdoughs, flatbreads, viennoiserie, and even the Georgian cheese-filled bread, khachapuri.

Generic bakery photo 01
Photograph: Pixabay

6. Woodfrog Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries St Kilda

Woodfrog has quietly grown from their bakery in St Kilda and now have nine outposts slinging their 28-hour, naturally leavened, hand-shapened soir, fruit, spelt, pumpkin and olive loaves built off an eight-year-old starter. True devotees pre-order their bread to avoid disappointment, which we would strongly advise if you’re stalking out hot cross buns around Easter.

Breads at Loafer Bread
Photograph: Supplied

7. Loafer Bread

Restaurants Fitzroy North

We like eating carbs and feeling righteous – hence our love for Loafer Bread. They exclusively use local, organic and biodynamic ingredients – from the Gippsland beef that fills the pies, to the certified organic stone-milled flours, raisins and grains in every last loaf and cookie. We’re all about getting a mixed box of their buttery shortbread biscuits, or snaffling a curbside table, fair trade coffee and climbing between the layers of a flaky butter croissant and the most densely nut-populated walnut and cinnamon scroll in town.

To Be Frank
Photograph: Supplied

8. To Be Frank Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Collingwood

To Be Frank bakery is an artisan bakery in the backstreets of Collingwood. The breads from To Be Frank are made through long, natural fermentation from organic or sustainable products that have been responsibly farmed. Producers such as Demeter Biodynamic Co (VIC), Wholegrain Milling Co (NSW), Frattali Olive Oil (VIC) and Dalhousie Farm Eggs (VIC) are used to produce breads such as baguettes, fougasse, rye sourdoughs and focaccia; pastries such as fruit tarts, croissants and escargots. The open-format warehouse allows bread-lovers to watch their loaves being fermented, folded and shaped before being loaded into a multi-deck oven and transferred to the shelves by head beaker Franco Villalva, who has spent time working the kitchens of European restaurants and Bacash before opening To Be Frank with Lauren Parsons.


9. Tivoli Road Bakery

Restaurants South Yarra

Salted caramel doughnuts, loaves of rye and golden croissants fill every cabinet and wooden rack in the shop. Find a seat if you can. This is the best pie shop in the city. So good, in fact, we'd settle for just squatting in the street, arms extended trying not to let the peppery contents of a beef pie get on our shoes. It's all planning here. The bakery is a magnet during lunch and any time approaching Easter when the hot crossed buns come out of the oven fruit-filled, spiced and glistening. Order ahead, and get in before the mobs at lunch when fat sandwiches on rye and multigrain cause wars.

Food at Burnham Bakery and Piggery Café
Photograph: Graham Denholm

10. Burnham Bakery and Piggery Café

Restaurants Sassafras

Out in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, Burnham Bakery produces artisan bread using biodynamic and sustainable practices. In the making of their white, rye, grain and wholemeal loaves, Burnham Bakery exclusively uses emmer, spelt and heirloom wheat varieties that were cultivated before industrialisation. Bread lovers swarm for their full-flavoured spelt and rustic, 2.5kg free-form miche loaves.


11. A1 Lebanese Bakery: Brunswick

Restaurants Brunswick

A1 is probably the most loved bakery on Sydney Road. Since 1992, this family bakery has been keeping cash-strapped students fed with Lebanese zaatar pizza, cheese pies and spinach triangles, all for under $5 a pop. This bakery also has a Middle Eastern grocer attached to it, so you can pick up packets of house-baked pita as you stock up on pomegranate molasses, sumac and baklava.

Mastercard - Baker D Chirico
Photograph: Jo Stewart

12. Baker D Chirico

Restaurants St Kilda

The heaving display of flaky croissants, beef ragu pies, meringues and loaves is as daunting as it is impressive, but this bakery is best known for the fermented whole wheat bread with a loose-knit texture and nutty sesame crust and Easter fruit buns (be warned, the queues in April are carnage).

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Photograph: Graham Denholm

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