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The ultimate guide to wellness

All the self-care tips you need – from the best gyms to healthy eats – to keep up with your resolution goals

Fabian Loo
Written by
Fabian Loo

It’s never too late to put all the bad things behind us, and start on a fresh note. To help you stay on top of your wellness goals, we’ve together a nifty guide that encompasses everything from physical health to mental well-being.

Start by getting away from the screen and immerse yourself in nature – we are a City in a Garden after all. Is eating clean part of your resolution list? Seek out healthy restaurants and plant-based alternatives in Singapore. Choose to work up a sweat, or quiet the mind and attend a sound healing class. Self-care is just as important: pamper yourself with a spa treatment, or go ahead and light up a scented candle. You deserve it.