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Sydney has been ranked as one of the best cities in the world this year

Our golden city was named 35 out of more than 270 cities based on an evaluation of the liveability, lovability and prosperity

Melissa Woodley
Written by
Melissa Woodley

Give yourself a pat on the back, Sydney. Earlier this year, our city was crowned as the fourth most liveable city in the world. We don’t want to harp on, but Sydney also ranked as the second best travel destination10th most Instagrammable place and 18th smartest city. And, the accolades just keep coming. 

An annual World's Best Cities study by Resonance Consultancy has just named Sydney as one of the best cities in the world this year. We bumped in at number 35, which is a ripper effort considering there are more than 10,000 cities across the world.

London was awarded first place, extending its reign as the eight-time champion, closely followed by global heavyweights such as Paris, New York, Tokyo and Singapore. Resonance Constulancy’s top 100 rankings are based on an evaluation of more than 270 metropolitan cities with populations exceeding one million. They combined qualitative and quantitative data along with reviews by locals and visitors on platforms like TripAdvisor and Instagram, to evaluate three overarching pillars of ‘liveability’, ‘lovability’ and ‘prosperity’. Within these pillars, a multitude of sub-factors were considered, including weather conditions, nightlife, walkability, education, safety, attractions, economic prosperity, and online popularity and check-ins.

It comes as no surprise that Sydney was praised for its dazzling landmarks and sun-kissed beaches. However, special mention was also given to the NSW Government’s ’24-Hour Economy Strategy,’ which has sparked a resurgence of inner-city vibrancy, with a focus on reviving Sydney’s nightlife, dining and culture. Special mention was also given to the City of Sydney’s initiatives, including the al fresco dining program, CBD renewal project and establishment of new creative precincts.  

There’s so much to love about Sydney and it turns out that Sydneysiders (actual and wannabe) agree, with our ‘lovability’ ranking of 29. The study also showered praise on our universities, placing them at an impressive 16th position and our outdoor spaces, ranking at 17th spot. 

While Sydney outshone Melbourne on both ‘lovability’ and ‘prosperity’, they topped us in ‘liveability’ and secured a higher overall rating, coming in at number 31. This is largely thanks to Melbourne's quirky arts scene, (snobby) coffee culture and sprawling wine region. Brisbane also made the top 100, ranking a commendable number 57. 

You can see the top ten best cities in the world below or check out the full list here

  1. London, UK 
  2. Paris, France
  3. New York City, US
  4. Tokyo, Japan
  5. Singapore
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  7. San Francisco, US
  8. Barcelona, Spain,
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Seoul, South Korea


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