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The best coffee experiences in Sydney

Take your morning cup to the next level

Photograph: Anna Kucera

Sydney boasts some seriously top notch coffee, but if you want to shake up your regular order, give these unusual coffee experiences a whirl. For coffee inspo, check out our guides to the best coffee cocktails, cycling cafés and Bondi cafés.

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Bulletproof coffee at Ruby's Diner

A perfect espresso is a given at Ruby D’s, or filter or pour-over, if that’s how you swing. But there’s also bulletproof coffee: a blend of MCT oil, grass-fed butter and coffee that’s popular among health enthusiasts as a meal replacement. It’s not unlike drinking a cup of fat mixed with caffeine – taste the insanity 

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Queens Park

Vietnamese coffee cocktails at China Diner

Bartender Quynh Nguyen is at the cans at this Bondi restaurant, offering fun cocktails like the Good Morning Vietnam. The ultimate kick-on drink, it’s a strong coffee, lengthened with condensed milk and spiked with bourbon. Even without the slug of booze it’s a heart-starter.

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Bondi Beach

Fizzy coffee at Coffee Alchemy

Forget beer. Forget wine. Forget Negronis. It’s all about fizzy coffee on tap. At Coffee Alchemy, Marrickville’s go-to spot for experimental caffeine, they’re not only carbonating their cold coffee – they’re pulling it like you’d pull a Guinness. The result is a herbaceous, fizzy, bittersweet middy of coffee. Strangely delightful.

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Cascara at Pablo and Rusty's

Is it coffee or tea or both, or what? It’s a little bit of all of those things, actually. Cascara is made from sun-dried coffee cherry pulp (or the fruit that surrounds the coffee pit) and brewed just like a tea. Buy it from Pablo and Rusty’s online store.

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Almond milk lattes at Paramount Coffee Project

Sorry Bonsoy, as much as we like your salty organic Japanse soy milk, we like the house made spiced almond milk at Paramount just a little bit more. It’s fewer food miles for one thing, and tastier milk for another. Give it a go, lactards.

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Surry Hills

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The best coffee in Sydney

We are a city in love with coffee. And we’re damn good at it too. Here’s our list of where to go and what you’ll get.

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By: Time Out editors