101 things to do in Los Angeles

Your essential guide to the best things to do in LA this season, from stair hikes to welding workshops and more.



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Get lost in a film

LA's equivalent of the Cinemateque Francaise responds to Truffaut's inquiry—"Is the cinema more important than life?"—with a wholehearted "yes." Fairfax's historic Silent Movie Theater still screens early archives—and, yes, talkies from classics to more modern picks complete with Q&A's, live music and potlucks. You'll find everything here at Cinefmaily, from kitschy B-movies to punch-proud masterpieces—with fun concessions such as giant cupcakes and free coffee—plus lots of special guests and parties out back on the patio.

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Take in a 360-degree view of the city

See the city in a whole new way in the Westin Bonaventure's Bona Vista rotating cocktail lounge, where comfy plush chairs face rounded glass walls and an almost imperceptible rotation allows for a 360-degree view of Downtown and beyond.

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Eat creepy crawlers

Head to Santa Monica's Typhoon restaurant for a truly one-of-a-kind lunch. Order from the "Insects" portion of the menu, which includes silkworm larvae, Singapore-style scorpions and Taiwanese crickets. Yep, insects for lunch.


Try shape note singing

This unique American tradition, often called Sacred Harp, brings people together to sing four-part hymns and anthems. While many of the songs have religious themes, the Fa-So-La LA group is purely secular—the only book they’ll push is the songbook. Meet-ups happen fairly regularly, all over the city, and newcomers are always welcome. Instead of singing regular music notes, you’ll sing shape notes, making it easy for first-timers to read the sheet music and participate fully. And we do mean fully—once you hear how beautiful a room full of shape note singers sounds, you’ll be hooked.


Squirrel away treats

Preserve fresh fruits into yummy butter and leather. Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow will teach you how to churn and cook down pears into delicious butters to enjoy year round. You’ll also learn how to dehydrate fruits into the perfect snack—fruit leather. Monthly classes ($100) are held at Sqirl HQ.

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Listen to the streets of Los Angeles

Youarelistening.to is an amazing website that plays the LAPD police-scanner radio over ambient music, making for an eerie listening experience and, some might say, perfect background noise. Bonus: The site can stream scanners from the PDs in other cities, in case you’re wondering what’s up on the streets of Detroit.


Talk about sex

The Pleasure Chest is one of the city’s (maybe even the state’s) classiest sex shops. And not only do they offer products for all your sexy needs, they also have a regular schedule of comedy nights and classes—see: Impact Play (spanking, flogging and more), Performance Anxiety (naughty comedy) and Sex With Men (sex with men)—to help spice things up in your love (or lust) life.

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Visit sleeping giants

Forget Forest Lawn (and Hollywood Forever). Some of the biggest A-listers are buried in the relatively tiny Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park. Visit and pay your respects to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Natalie Wood, Roy Orbison, Jack Lemmon....


Play bingo with drag queens

Hamburger Mary’s, West Hollywood's notoriously flamboyant burger joint, hosts a drag bingo night, Legendary Bingo, each Wednesday. Expect lots of interesting hostesses, plus prizes for each game and lots of laughs. Tip: Eat dinner elsewhere and stick to drinks during the game—the food here isn’t nearly as good as the live talent. The $20 donation is a little steep, but every penny goes to charity.


Bring burritos to the homeless

Burrito Project LA comes together every month in locations across the city (popular meet-ups include West LA and South Pasadena) to prepare, package and hand out burritos—both chicken and veggie—to the city’s homeless population. No political, religious or party views, just tasty Mexican fare and fun fellow do-gooders.

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Be sure to visit where the sewer meets the sea in San Pedro.


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