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Time Out Hong Kong Index Survey 2021
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Google reveals what Hongkongers searched for the most in 2021

A look back on the year through online searches

Jenny Leung
Written by
Jenny Leung

As we close in on the end of this year, Google Hong Kong's Year in Search 2021 has rounded up different local and international headlines, people, and pop culture that Hongkongers searched for the most this year. In 2021, 'registration for consumption voucher scheme' ranked as the most Googled keyword in Hong Kong, followed by 'Olympic Games' and 'vaccination appointment'. But aside from keywords, there were also some interesting things that many Hongkongers searched for over the year.

2021 Top Trending Recipes Google Hong Kong
Photograph: Courtesy Google (left); Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Limited (right)

With Hong Kong being very much a foodie city, lots of searches were about various recipes and ingredients. This year, Hongkongers were in the mood to make their own festive treats for Chinese New Year as 'turnip cake', 'New Year cake', honeycomb cake', and 'sweet dumpling make it on the list of 2021 Top Trending Recipes.

2021 Top Trending Meaning Searches Google Hong Kong
Photograph: Courtesy Google (left); Rodnae Productions (right)

Lots of Hongkongers also looked up the meanings for new slangs, online jargon, and trending phrases, with the word '世一' (sai yat) ranking first on the chart for Top Trending Meaning Searches. The new slang is a short form way of saying something is number one in the world, as '世' (sai) is short for '世界' (sai gaai) – which means the world – and '一' (yat) is shortened from '第一' (dai yat), which simply means the first.

Other top trending phrases Hongkongers searched for include 'NFT' (Non-Fungible Token), 'YYDS' (the equivalence of GOAT in mandarin), and '自肥' (ji fei), the act of doing something to benefit oneself.

2021 Top Trending Entertainment Celebrities Movies Google Hong Kong
Photograph: Courtesy Google

Over in the world of entertainment and pop culture, local boy band Mirror undoubtedly takes the crown this year as members of the group Anson Lo and Keung To, along with the keyword 'Mirror' rank as the top three of the Top Trending Entertainment Celebrities (Local) list. Coming in fourth on the same list is Louise Wong, the leading actress in Anita, a biographical movie of Cantopop icon Anita Mui. The movie also ranked first on the list of Top Trending Movies this year and is the first Cantonese movie to have ever topped the chart.

If you want to see other trending lists for Google’s Year in Search 2021, visit for more.

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