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Kowloon City: Ultimate Guide

From the city’s best Thai restaurants to charming cafés and quaint independent shops, discover the best this area has to offer

Kowloon Walled City Park

Pretty much everyone knows Kowloon City is Hong Kong’s Little Thailand, full of some amazing Thai restaurants. But that’s not all this neighbourhood has to offer. The area is also well-known for its spacious public parks – namely Kowloon Walled City Park  quaint coffeeshops like Rings Coffee and Tai Wo Tang that offer unique brews, and notable dessert shops like Chiu Chow Hop Shing Dessert and Golden Hall Dessert that dish out some of the best sweet soups in town. Start here to discover the rich history and culture of Kowloon City. 

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The best things to do and eat in Kowloon City

Rings Tonic coffee cheese milk cover
Photo: Calvin Sit
Restaurants, Cafés

Rings Coffee

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If you want to find out what all the fuss is about regarding cheese-topped tea or coffee, this is the place to go. This cosy nook offers a great array of well-brewed java including the signature house blend, a mix of Colombian and Costa Rican beans. But the popular order at Rings is the cheese milk-covered drinks – beverages served with a layer of cheesy cream. If it sounds a bit strange, the cream cheese actually provides an extra thickness and a hint of saltiness to balance the sweetness.


Seven Kee Closet

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What started out as a grocery store in Macau and a street hawker near Kai Tak airport has evolved into a famous clothing store in Kowloon City. Tastefully decorated with bronze birdcages, white ruffled mirrors, a cosy sofa and antique décor – all giving it a homely feel – Seven Kee offers trendsetting outfits and vintage dresses which the owners have handpicked from all over the world.

Restaurants, American

Speedway Diner

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Hong Kong’s self-proclaimed first-ever go-kart- themed American eatery, Speedway Diner serves up classic American diner fare like burgers, hotdogs, onion rings and milkshakes – although there’s also Hong Kong-style egg waffles and ice cream to satisfy local tastes. The main course here, however, is the electric go-karts that allow you to zip your way around the venue’s specially designed indoor track. Talk about putting a whole new spin on “fast food”.


Stone Houses

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Kowloon City has a rich history dating back to the Song Dynasty but these Chinese-style residences were built after WWII . Its structural characteristics reflect the grassroots lifestyle back in the day. Visit the houses to see the unique architecture and gain insight into life in the 1940s. Then pop along to the themed café and relax with a cup of java.


Tai Wo Tang

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Once a famed traditional Chinese medicine shop, this space reopened last year as a café and casual eatery with most of the original furnishings and décor – including its iconic gold signage – kept intact. Located on the ground floor of a tong lau, the coffee shop flaunts an old-school apothecary aesthetic, complete with shelves of glass jars, wooden medicine cabinets and a rickety ceiling fan, while serving cold-brew coffees and avocado toast.

Restaurants, Chinese

Yee Heung Tofu Shop(義香荳腐食品)

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Clue’s in the name – Yee Heung is all about tofu and it does it well. The unassuming eatery is where you can order traditional Hong Kong-style tofu pudding, freshly made soy milk and fried tofu dishes. The white stuff here is incredibly soft and silky and melts in your mouth. Other snacks worth trying are the siu mai and fish balls.

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