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Anna Banana Band, From the Birds, Love Me for Who I Am

Local rockers Anna Banana Band, The Rockdoves and Brady Rymer release new albums for kids.

  • Photographer: Tom Starkweather


  • Photograph: Bumblin' Bee Records


  • Photograph: Audra Gullo


Photographer: Tom Starkweather


Anna Banana Band
Anna Banana Band
Self-released, $10

Anna Bohichik, known to the two- to six-year-old set by her stage surname "Banana," has spent half a decade as the touring bass player for the Music for Aardvarks band. When not onstage with the group, Ms. Banana covers a slew of kiddie subjects on her debut disc, including dreamy dinosaurs and timid monsters.

The Rockdoves
From the Birds
Self-released, $10

"When you live in New York City, there's a lot of critters that you might meet," sings Brooklynite Daniel Cole in "City Critter Serenade." Urban animals are of prime concern to Cole and the duo's other half, Kim West, whose first CD features smooth rock songs about wake-up calls from feathered friends.

Brady Rymer
Love Me for Who I Am
Bumblin' Bee Records, $15

On his sixth children's album, Brady Rymer draws inspiration from his work with kids affected by autism. Rymer's jammy beginnings (he was a member of roots band From Good Homes) shine through on songs like "Who Wants to Wear Shoes?"

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