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Two kid filmmakers from NYC head to White House student film fest

We chatted with Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik about their short film, and their trip to the White House for the first annual student film festival.

Young filmmakers Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik

Young filmmakers Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik Photograph: Beth Silver

You may not have heard of the first annual White House Student Film Festival, but it is taking place on Friday, February 28, and two young New Yorkers, Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik, both 8, are attending it—in the company of President Obama, no less. The friends' short film, "Full S[T]EAM Ahead," which they wrote and narrated together over the course of about a week, is one of 16 films chosen by the White House for the honor. The challenge put forth for entries was to create a film that focused either on current uses of technology in the classroom or how technology could be used in the future of our country's education. Nafie and Pilchik's film, which you can see below, chronicles the fun they've had at SciTech Kids, an Upper East Side learning center whose aim is to make learning science fun. We caught up with the friends the evening before their departure to ask them about the film and their impending trip to D.C.

Congratuations to both of you! When did you find out you were going to the White House?

and Miles: On Tuesday.

That's so exciting. How long have you known each other?

: Since we were two. Early two's.

: We met at pre-school, and we've been at Sci-Tech for like three years.

It's a beautiful film. You must be really proud.

: Yes we are.

What would you like to tell President Obama if you get the chance to meet him?

: Would you be able to represent our school?

Represent it?

: Like, help our school get more money.

And if you got a chance to meet his two daughters, what would you ask them?

: I'd ask, do they have any game consoles? Cuz I am, like, the champion.

: I would ask them, what's your most favorite thing to do when you have free time?

: Oh yeah, I would ask, What's your favorite type of snack food?

That's funny.

: Yep, I'm a comedian.

Do you have any idea what you might want to be when you grow up?

: A vet.

: If you're going to be a vet, I'm going to be…a YouTuber!

What's that?

: Somebody who's on YouTube who does videos and plays video games and plays with Sega, because Sega, like, creates all the games that I likewell, not all of them. Just the Sonic games are Sega.

That sounds pretty cool. Well, thank you and have a wonderful trip to the White House tomorrow.

: We will. Thank you very much!


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