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Pasta with cheese at Salt Meats Cheese Broadway
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best cheese dishes in Sydney

Burrata, blue, mozzarella and more – here's where to get your dairy fix in Sydney

By Time Out editors

Cheese can be enjoyed in so many different ways – with wine, fried, in pasta, on a board, with meat, sandwiched, baked or just on its own. Among a sea of dairy dishes, there are a few that showcase fromage like the true star it is. So cheese lovers, this is your new hitlist for Sydney's best cheese dishes. 

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The best cheese dishes in Sydney

Handpicked cellar door Raclette Tuesdays
Photograph: Supplied

1. Handpicked Wines Cellar Door

Bars Wineries Chippendale

Order the: Raclette

Look, some people might say that scraping melted cheese over food isn't technically cooking so much as assembling, but it in no way diminishes the joys of eating raclette on a cold winter's night. At this cellar door on Kensington Street in Chippendale they're dedicating Tuesday nights to raclette, Order up a plate of little boiled potatoes, pickles and prosciutto all snuggled under a blanket of hot cheese and you'll know what happiness tastes like.

Cheese at Continental Deli & Bistro
Photograph: Anna Kucera

2. Continental Deli Bar Bistro

Restaurants Newtown

Order the: French triple cream

Dinner at Continental is basically your cheeseboard dreams come to life. That glowing glass case of curds promises the kind of happiness other people use drugs to achieve. For the lactose lover in all of us, order the French triple cream with a core of earthy truffle paste. It's runny, creamy, silky and you may just be tempted to take home the whole $90 wheel with you when you leave.

Food at Wishbone Enmore
Photograph: Daniel Boud

3. Wish Bone

Restaurants American Enmore

Order the: Poutine

Enmore's much loved fried chook spot also slings legit poutine. A jumble of fries wears a winter blanket of slow-cooked, brisket-flecked gravy, with cheesy curds, which they import from Wisconsin. They also do an excellent breadcrumb-topped mac'n'cheese if you want to double down on carb-and-dairy-combos. 

A four cheese toasted sandwich on a plate
Photograph: ELT

4. Penny's Cheese Shop

Shopping Delis Potts Point

Order the: Toastie

What's better than a toastie filled with cheese? A toastie that also wears cheese on the outside, like a salty crisp coat of armour. Penny grates four kinds of cheese and layers it both on the outside and the in. Sweet baby cheezus. 

Credit: Daniel Boud

5. The Apollo

Restaurants Greek Elizabeth Bay

Order the: Saganaki 

It's been a staple on the menu here since it open and for a good reason – who doesn't want some fried cheese? Just like lapping up the crisp bits of cheese that remain in the pan after cooking a toastie, the fried saganaki is ultra moreish. Honey and oregano elevate the flavour so it's not simply a total cheese onslaught, and it comes served in a red hot pan, keeping it extra crisp and hot until you eat the last bite.

Food at Alberto's Lounge
Photograph: Daniel Boud

6. Alberto's Lounge

Restaurants Italian Sydney

Order the: Cacio e pepe gnocchi

These meltingly soft potato dumplings in a silky pecorino butter emulsion spiked with lots of black pepper are reason enough to visit this hot-to-trot Italo diner. 

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake
Photograph: Supplied

7. Uncle Tetsu

Restaurants Japanese Sydney

Order the: Cheesecake

Have you heard about the wobbliest, lightest most delicious cheesecake around? Well we have, and they’re by a fella called Uncle Tetsu. The texture is somewhere between a sponge and a cheesecake – feathery-light, but it melts on the tongue like butter thanks to all that fat. 

Pasta in cheese wheel at Salt Meats Cheese Broadway
Photograph: Anna Kucera

8. Salt Meats Cheese Ultimo

Restaurants Italian Ultimo

Order the: Flaming cheese wheel

What may be the most dramatic plate of pasta this side of the city takes from the tradition of cacio e pepe (literally meaning cheese and pepper pasta) to another level. A huge wheel of pecorino rolls around on a trolley with its enthusiastic master setting it alight and tossing in pasta, putting on a fiery show for every paying customer.


9. Matteo

Restaurants Italian Double Bay

Order the: Burrata pizza

Here, the merits of just-cooked broccoli florets, cavalier anchovy application and a whole, fresh burrata orb in the middle like a pearl cannot be understated as a pizza topping. That cheese is destined to be smashed open and spread across the blistered pizza surface. Talk about the cream of the crop.

A pot of cheese fondue being eaten
Photograph: Supplied/Jake Photography

10. Swissotel

News Restaurants

Order the: Cheese fondue

With winter comes the best possible excuse for comfort food, and Swissôtel Sydney in the CBD is here to warm the cockles of the city with the launch of their annual fondue experience that fulfils all of your melted cheese dreams. For $34 per person, you and a mate can get around a hot bowl of melted gruyere and Emmental (that's the holey cheese), served with bites of crusty bread, pickles, and cos salad with bacon, herb croutons and creamy parmesan dressing. 

Cheese at The Dolphin Hotel, Surry Hills
Photograph: Anna Kucera

11. The Dolphin Hotel Dining Room

Restaurants Italian Surry Hills

Order the: Burrata

It’s served not too cold, seated on a pool of fruity, light Alto Novello olive oil, and dressed with salt and pepper. It’s one of the best we’ve had in Sydney: creamy and soft rather than loose and milky, and it needs nothing else.

A bowl of macaroni cheese with golden cheese on top
Photograph: Anna Kucera

12. The Stinking Bishops

Restaurants Newtown

Order the: Mac'n'cheese

Only serious cheese fiends should attempt the mac and cheese at Stinking Bishops. This pungent side dish is vying for the spotlight by being more cheese than pasta, stealthily swirled through with truffle oil and then topped with a generous slice of taleggio before being thrown under the broiler. Not into pasta? Don't worry, they've got more than 40 artisanal cheese here on offer.

Food, Dessert at 10 William Street
Photograph: Anna Kucera

13. 10 William Street

Restaurants Italian Paddington

Order the: Tiramisu

Sometimes it's easy to forget that cheese isn't only a savoury friend – it's also the star of a bunch of delicious sweets (cheesecake, for example) and tiramisu, which is made with a whole lot of mascarpone for that fluffy lift. 

A shot of the Salamino pizza with cheese at Da Mario
Photograph: Anna Kucera

14. Da Mario

Restaurants Rosebery

Order the: Salamino Die-hard 

Pizza Mario fans, breathe a sigh of relief: David Cowdrill’s spinoff restaurant, Da Mario, is serving the Salamino. If you’ve had the cheese-and-sausage pizza before, you know why this is the best news you've heard this month; if you haven’t, allow us to explain. The Salamino is your mouth’s new best friend: a thin, charred base all covered in melted mozzarella and big puddles of ricotta and spiced up with crisp curls of salami. It's soft and rich and runny and crunchy and salty and sweet and if you're anything like us, you'll fight like a fiend over the last piece – and then you'll order a second serve.

Cheese toastie at Mug Life
Photograph: Anna Kucera

15. Mug Life

Restaurants Cafés Potts Point

Order the: Cheezy-E grilled cheese

It may not be the most photogenic item on this Insta-baiting cafés menu, but it is the best. The three-cheese toastie is made with classic white bread and ‘glued’ together with melted layers of Gruyère, tasty and cheddar, sweetened by caramelised onions and riched up with truffle mayo.

Photograph: Jay La

16. Chatkazz

Restaurants Indian Harris Park

Order the: Cheese dabeli

This colourful South Indian street food-inspired restaurant is bustling every night with local families sharing huge plates of dosas, dhal curries and other vegetarian dishes. The cheese dabeli here is a must order – a soft bap-like roll is doused in grated cheese and sandwiches even more cheese mixed with potato and studded with spicy peanuts. Dip it in the mint sauce for a fresh kick, or try the funky, sweet tamarind sauce. 

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Johnny Fishbone
Photograph: Anna Kucera

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