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Time Out New York Kids

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Time Out New York Kids

1540 Broadway, 42nd floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 646-432-3000
Fax: 646-432-3010
Subscriber info: 1-800-927-4253

Editor Allie Early

Creative Director Tom Hislop
Senior Designer Ashleigh Bowring
Designer Daniel Yu

Junior Designer Aashna Shah
Digital Retoucher Rasendu Shah

Photo Director Melissa Sinclair
Deputy Photo Editor Lauren Spinelli

Production Manager Robyn Cohen
Associate Production Manager
Stephen de Francesco
Circulation Distribution Manager Brian Martens

Commercial 646-432-3001
Integrated Marketing Solutions Sales
Senior Director, Advertising Jessica Rohls
Associate Publisher, New York Erik Alden
Associate Publisher, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco
 Erin Delahanty
Global Director, Strategic Partnerships
 Andrea Wilford
Director, E-Commerce
 Jennifer Singer
Creative Solutions Manager
Katie Eskin
Director of Events and Client Relations Erica Dion
Client Relations Coordinator Maddy McArn
Senior Business Development Manager
Dan Kenefick
National Sales Director
Maggie Robinson
Senior National Sales Manager Gabriella Zurrow
Sales Managers
Madeleine Macmillan, Nicholas OlivettiJason Schaffer, Iva Bajraktari
New York Sales Director Christy Stewart
Local Sales Managers:
 Julie TripaldiJeanne WeinsteinGabrielle Rancourt
Sales Manager, Los Angeles 
Erick Rappaport
Canada Jim Redden, Redden Media Solutions Inc., 647-342-2261

Premium Profiles
Sales Director, Premium Profiles Paul Slavik
Account Executive, Premium Profiles Dorian Greenberg
Account Manager, Premium Profiles
Paula Cochrane
Sales Executives, Premium Profiles
Matt Elzweig, Stephen Trumpy, Sean Grayson

Commercial Operations
Director, Advertising Sales Operations Joseph Portolese
Ad Operations Specialist Brittany Owens
Campaign Managers Angel Cancel, Gabriella Nguyen
Account Management, Process Manager Toccara Labady

National Content
National Content Editor Joel Meares
Lead National Content Producer Wei Shi
National Commercial Producer William Pollack
National Blog Editor Clayton Guse

Online Marketing & Analytics
Group SEO Manager Chris Richardson
Senior Marketing Manager Patrick Murray
SEO and Analytics Manager, North America Alex Egan
Marketing Manager, Los Angeles Cezara Popa
Marketing and Sales Manager, Chicago Madeline Nickels

Finance Manager Tim Paccione
Senior Accountant Ryan Johnson
Staff Accountant Marvin Morency
Payroll Accountant Monique Lopez
Accounts Payable Coordinator Karolyn Hidalgo

Human Resources Manager Christina Caruso
Human Resources Generalist Patricia Medina
Office Coordinator Erica DelGandio

Senior Business Analyst Grace deLottinville
Junior Business Analyst Monica Landrove
System Administrator Daniel Moh

Executive Vice President Justin Etheridge
Senior Vice President Aaron David