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How to celebrate Earth Day 2021 in Hong Kong

Even the smallest contributions can help Mother Earth
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Tatum Ancheta

This Thursday, April 22, the world is celebrating the 51st Earth Day, an annual event supported by more than a billion people all over the world, spotlighting environmental protection and raising awareness and issues of climate change. In Hong Kong, if you're looking to do your bit in supporting Mother Earth, there are a lot of simple things you can do. Though it won't immediately cause a huge change, but as a collective effort, and if done consistently as part of an overall lifestyle change, can do great things for the environment. Here are a few recommendations on how to get involved. 

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Consume less meat 
Photograph: Courtesy Impossible Foods

1. Consume less meat 

One of the world's primary sources of man-made greenhouse gas emissions comes from the animal product industry. Raising cows, pigs, and chickens generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks, and automobiles combined. One of the best ways to help change this landscape is to choose plant-based food over animal meat. Though the results will not be immediate, they can cause an enormous positive environmental impact if done collectively. Here's a list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hong Kong to inspire you on your next delivery orders, or if you're craving some aromatic Indian food, click here for our recommendations

You can also check out current Earth Day promotions in the city. For the whole month of April, Impossible Foods’ annual Earth Month campaign sees 170 restaurant outlets from over 60 restaurant brands in Hong Kong offering special dishes made with Impossible Meat. Order an Impossible dish at designated eateries on Earth Day, April 22, and get a complimentary reusable cutlery set. On April 25 to 26, OmniFoods has also teamed up with Wendy's Wok World and Ser Wong Fun for a Chinese vegetarian dinner event ($1,920/four pax) where you can enjoy a sumptuous six-course tasting menu. 

Be a smart shopper 
Photograph: Courtesy Little Dot Vintage

2. Be a smart shopper 

The increasing awareness of the negative implications of retail industries, including fast fashion, has been driving more and more consumers to choose brands that are friendlier to the planet. You can start by shopping at sustainable brands, avoiding fast fashion, or not buying new stuff that you don't really need. Shop consciously, and don't just give in to the next item you see by the window display. Not only will you save money, but you will also do your part in helping Mother Earth. 

Start a zero-waste lifestyle
Photograph: Nicholas Wong

3. Start a zero-waste lifestyle

Shift your mindset from waste generation to waste avoidance. You can apply these in your daily life with small changes in the way you consume. When doing your grocery, make sure to always bring a reusable bag or ultimately say bye-bye to plastics by starting a zero-waste lifestyle. Opt to buy bulk groceries and sustainable body care items from zero-waste stores in the city. Here's a comprehensive list of Hong Kong's best zero waste stores to get you started

Photograph: Courtesy New Life Plastics Ltd

4. Recycle 

By cutting down what we throw away, we can prevent pollution, save energy by reducing the need to harvest new raw materials, and help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. If you're still undecided about starting a zero-waste lifestyle, then start with the way you dispose of your daily trash. You can begin at home with the segregation of your daily garbage in different bins. Here's a list of great local recycling com

Join organisations offering beach cleanups 
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5. Join organisations offering beach cleanups 

The ocean is said to be Earth's life support. Not only does it support an abundance of life on our planet, but it also regulates our climate and absorbs carbon dioxide. The thing is, we haven't been taking good care of our ocean. Aside from overfishing, pollution is the leading cause of the deteriorating health of the sea. Billions of pounds of plastic end up in the world's oceans, and with the ongoing pandemic, single-use masks are the new plastic bags. In Hong Kong, one of the immediate things you can do to help save the high seas is to join beach cleanups. You can support Plastic Free Seas and Hong Kong Cleanup programmes or join their beach cleanups available for groups or individuals.  

6. Tune in to Earth Day Live

Before you embark on your eco-warrior journey, make sure you learn about the current state of our environment. On Earth Day, will have its second Earth Day Live digital event covering workshops, panel discussions, and special performances under the theme of ‘Restore Our Earth’. Thought leaders, grassroots activists, and nonprofit innovators will talk about natural processes, emerging green technologies, and restoring the world's ecosystems. Visit this link to watch pre-recorded videos and catch the live event happening on April 23 at 12am (HKT).  

You can also join Earth Day events taking place in Hong Kong. Find out what's happening near your area through this map.

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