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Kids' theatre in London

Get the kids hooked on culture with these great London shows for young ones

Too big for puppets but too small to refrain from squirming for two full acts? Try one of these energetic theatre shows for kids. The productions on this list are best for ages five and up. If you're thinking smaller read about shows for younger children instead, or if they're getting on a bit try our family theatre shows page.

Shows for kids

Iron Man


Taller than a house and ten times more fearsome, the Iron Man is a monster who eats every scrap of metal he can sink his teeth into. Ted Hughes' sci-fi novel is a kids' classic, showing the surprising friendship between a metal robot and a boy who learns to tame him. In the Unicorn Theatre's production, Matthew Robins will use an ingenious mix of paper silhouettes, stop motion animation and puppetry to bring him to life. Ages eight-plus.

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Unicorn Theatre , London Bridge Tuesday February 21 2017 - Sunday March 5 2017

The Hunting Lodge

Once upon a time, a prince and a cleaner got married. But did they really live happily ever after? Unicorn Theatre's artistic director Purni Morell is at the helm of this twisted love story, which she's translated from Belgian playwright Ignace Cornelissen's original. Aimed at tweens and teenagers aged 11-plus, 'The Hunting Lodge' is a playful riff on ideas of celebrity and romance.

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Unicorn Theatre , London Bridge Tuesday February 21 2017 - Sunday March 5 2017

Much Ado About Puffin

You're never alone with a puffin - or at least, that's what the lonely fisherman in this story discovers. It's a tale of stormy seas, friendship, and discovering the unknown, told by Open Attic Theatre using ingenious design and a very feathery puppet.

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Lyric Hammersmith , Hammersmith Saturday February 25 2017

The Insect Circus

This quirky family show is a celebration of all things creepy and crawly. 'The Insect Circus' stars familiar circus characters and an imaginatively-costumed host of zany bugs. Ages 6-plus.

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Albany Theatre , New Cross Tuesday April 4 2017 - Saturday April 8 2017

The Curious Adventures Of Pinocchio

Fairytale's most famous fibber, Pinocchio, comes to life in this storytelling performance featuring Cbeebies star Patrick Lynch. Marcello Chiarenza's new approach to the story uses quirky props and simple staging to entrall kids with Pinocchio's curious adventures. Ages four-plus.

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Lyric Hammersmith , Hammersmith Saturday March 18 2017 - Sunday April 2 2017

A Real Alien Adventure

Do aliens really exist? Ripstop Theatre help kids find out, in the thrilling space show 'A Real Alien Adventure'. Miss Amelia Buttersnap and her amazing array of gadgets will set out with her cat Tibbles on a mission to prove that there really is someone out there. Ages three to nine.

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Half Moon Young People's Theatre , Limehouse Saturday March 4 2017 - Sunday April 2 2017

The Missing Light

Two elderly neighbours in a tiny fishing village go on an adventure in this daytime kids' show, which is pitching up at The Old Vic over the Easter hols. Created by Mark Arends for Make Mend and Do, 'The Missing Light' uses puppetry and film to tell the story using quirky live animation. Ages seven-plus. 

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Old Vic , Southwark Monday March 20 2017 - Saturday April 1 2017

Peter And The Wolf

Puppet duo On The Other Hand perform 'Peter and the Wolf' using a handpainted set and gorgeous traditional puppets. It's the story of a boy who lives on the edge of a huge forest, and escapes a wolf's clutches thanks to a horde of animal friends. Ages four to nine. 

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Little Angel Theatre , Islington Thursday April 6 2017 - Saturday April 8 2017

The Elves And The Shoemaker

There's song, silliness and magic tricks galore in this family retelling of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' by Full House Theatre. A three-strong cast clown their way through the story of a shoemaker who needs help finishing his wonderful stock of sparkly footwear.

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Albany Theatre , New Cross Sunday April 2 2017 - Sunday April 30 2017

Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Little Angel's new show tells the story of 'Red Riding Hood and the Wolf' from a paw-some new viewpoint. The big bad wolf explains why he's a lot nicer than he seems, in a smart reimagining of the classic fairy story by playwright Jon Barton. Ages five-plus.

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Little Angel Theatre , Islington Thursday April 27 2017 - Sunday July 16 2017
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