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How to pull the ultimate all-nighter in Melbourne

Sleep, schmeep. Plenty of great late-night bars, eateries and clubs have opened in the last few years, which means the only thing putting an end to your night is the sunrise

Photograph: Graham Denholm

Bedtime is for babies, and Melbourne's late-night offerings are just too good to pass up. Consider this your guide to making the most of an increasingly all-hours city – whether you're keen for a cocktail and a dance or dinner and a movie after midnight. Find out how Melbourne became a late-night city, and learn more about how Melbourne's 24-hour public transport could change your life.

Late-night bars, restaurants and things to do in Melbourne


Kick off with a dance and a tropical cocktail

Open until midnight 

Start your late night adventure at TheLuWOW, the home of everything tiki. Saturdays are all about the old-school funk, soul and disco vibes; pair that with on-stage go-go dancers and authentic Zombie cocktails and you’ve got prime tailfeather-shaking conditions. BYO lei.

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Watch The Room at Nova

Screening at 11pm

Since 2010, the northside’s beloved independent cinema has dedicated the first Saturday of every month to screening Tommy Wiseau’s The Room; a cult film that is so, so bad it’s brilliant. Much like a screening of Rocky Horror, there are plenty of crazy traditions to be followed; some of them involve throwing spoons at the screen and drinking ‘Scotchka’.

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Unleash your best Adele impression at a karaoke bar

Open until 3.30am

Karaoke doesn’t get much better than KBOX. You can book your own room, order snacks and drinks throughout the night and belt out hit after hit with your crew. Our tip: go head to head in a battle for the best (or worst?) performances of guilty pleasure songs. Don’t let your questionable high notes hold you back.

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Treat yourself to a midnight Thai feast

Open until 3am

Start your night with some cocktails and a Thai spread at Magic Mountain, which does both drinking food and substantial fare equally well. Stick around after dinner, where DJs start pumping out tunes and the bar takes off. Points for the great cocktail (and mocktail!) range.

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Enjoy some after-hours old-world charm

Open until 6am

A trailblazer in the late-night dining scene, the Melbourne Supper Club has been serving wine and French-inspired drinking snacks on Chesterfield couches until close to sunrise long before other venues even dared.

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Hunker down for the night at a dive bar

Open until 3am

A night at Heartbreaker – the grungy sister bar of Fitzroy’s Everleigh – is a guaranteed good time. It’s something about the chilled-out attitude of the bar staff, the great music selection on the jukebox and the pool table. If all you want to do is spend the night talking over beers and bottled cocktails with your mates, this dive bar is the place to do it.

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Emerge from a techno party at dawn

Open until 7am

Located next to Magic Mountain Saloon, Boney’s upstairs rave cave hosts amazing club nights every weekend featuring the best of Australia’s electronic music scene.

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Let ramen bring you back to life

Open 24 hours

Skip the post-club kebab and try a 4am bowl of ramen at
Shujinko instead. The rich broth and noodle combo (don’t forget the chashu pork!) has a way of reinvigorating your weary body if you’ve been out for a spin on the dance floor. You’ll thank us the next day.

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