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Kid confidential: Jamie, 8, Chelsea

The Manhattan tween talks about her favorite city spots, including the High Line, and her plans for the new school year.

Jamie, 8, Chelsea

Jamie, 8, Chelsea Photograph: Alex Strada

Jamie, I hear you’re a gymnast.
My dad helped me learn. We have a chin-up bar at home and I started practicing. It got me stronger and now I can do a pull-up and a chin-up. At Chelsea Piers, I do the bars and we do front flips. I’m kind of good at the vault too.

Do you go on the monkey bars at the playground?

Sometimes, at the park on 17th Street. My dad, brother and I play basketball there.

What other things do you like to do in your neighborhood?

I like Sushi 21. Their tuna roll is my favorite. And I like to walk on the High Line with my mom and dad...and sometimes my brother! In the winter, I skate on the rink there.

Are you excited for third grade?
Yes. I know we’re going to learn script—that will be cool! And I’m positive I’ll be in classes with at least two of my friends.

Any plans for extracurricular activities?
I’m going to be really busy this year! I want to do martial arts, gymnastics, Hebrew school, swimming lessons, debate with my mom at school and classes at Textiles Arts. I do all my sewing there.

Wow. What types of projects have you made?
A shirt, a dress and a backpack—I tie-dyed fabric and made a pom-pom for it. I even have a sewing machine at home.

Jamie on MoMA
“I’ve taken classes there for years on Saturdays. You learn all about art and do a different project every time.”

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