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BAMkids Film Festival 2012

Introduce children to films from all over the world at BAMkids.

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    Star Talers

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    Mamma Moo

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    Elias and the Treasure of the Sea

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    Love Bug

Courtesy of BAM

Star Talers

It's been called a "mini Cannes for kids," but since February in Brooklyn isn't quite springtime on the Riviera, one of the most welcome aspects of the BAMkids Film Festival is that the entire event takes place in one building—no running all over town in the cold to catch different flicks. On Feb 4 and 5, the four theaters at BAM Rose Cinemas will screen 73 films from 26 countries (in a nice touch, live actors read aloud the subtitles of the foreign films so parents don't have to whisper to their kids). In the mix, too, are Q&As with directors, performances by the Pop-Up Puppets and musician Oran Etkin, face-painting and a make-your-own-bluescreen-movie booth. We've rounded up this year's most intriguing-sounding movies. (Shows sell out fast so make sure to buy your tickets in advance.)

Ages 2--5

Feature presentation: Mamma Moo & Crow
Though it's in Swedish, the littlest movie fans will still be able to enjoy this feature's sweet, old-school 2-D animation and barnyard themes (it has a look similar to that of the original Charlotte's Web). The plot involves an adventurous cow named Mamma Moo who tries to do some crazy new things, like ride a bike and climb a tree. Feb 5 at 10:30am.
Shorts: "Let's Play!" Most of the 11 toddler-friendly films in this series are dialogue-free or in English (even though they hail from as far away as Latvia, Brazil and Norway). Favorites feature the adorable Claymation penguin Pingu, who learns to make pancakes, and the frisky kitties Pim and Pom. Feb 4 at 10am, noon.

Ages 6--8

Feature presentation: Elias and the Treasure of the Sea
If your kids are into Thomas the Train or Jay Jay the Jet Plane, they'll love the big-eyed Elias, an anthropomorphic rescue boat who's making his second appearance at BAMkids. In this ecologically themed animated feature from Norway, Elias tries to save the quaint fishing village of Cozy Cove from a greedy corporate giant. Feb 4 at 10:30am.
Shorts: "Secrets and Surprises" Two local favorites contribute to this group of 11 films from seven countries: "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed" is based on a book by former Brooklyn resident Mo Willems; and local dad Kevin Bacon (the original Footloose dude) hits the dance floor again with his brother Michael in the musical "Philadelphia Chickens." Feb 4 at 2pm.

Ages 9--10

Feature presentation: The Star Talers
With their own series on NBC this season, the brothers Grimm are suddenly hotter than the brothers Jonas. This live-action feature from Germany tells the Grimm tale about a town where all the parents have been enslaved by a tax-crazed king. The only kid brave enough to save them is a little girl named Mina. Feb 4 at 11am.
Shorts: "Touch of Genius" This collection of shorts has everything from a grade-school romance ("Love Bug") to a frog adventure set to Beethoven's Eighth Symphony ("Amazonia"). But this one sounds the coolest: Legend B.B. King (along with a few sock puppets) stars in a music video for Sandra Boynton's One Shoe Blues. Feb 4, 5 at 12:15pm.

The 14th Annual BAMkids Film Festival takes place Feb 4 and 5 at BAM Rose Cinemas.

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