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Interview with Neil Patrick Harris about The Smurfs

The new father chats about The Smurfs, spit-up and slapstick.

The Smurfs

The Smurfs Photograph: Courtesy of Sony PIctures' Animation

Neil Patrick Harris is having a very NYC season. First up: Hosting the Tonys on June 12. Then he plays Patrick, an NYC dad-to-be who helps the blue characters find their way home in The Smurfs.

It's been a while since we've seen the Smurfs. What are they up to in the new movie?
Gargamel chases them out of Smurf Village and they end up at a portal. They all jump through said portal and wind up in Central Park. And by a stroke of random luck, they end up in a box that ends up in the back of a taxi that ends up in my character's apartment. Once I open it up, there are Smurfs everywhere. Madness ensues, and my wife [played by Jayma Mays] and I have to help them get back to Smurf Village.

Where in NYC can we expect the Smurfs to show up?
I'm trying to keep the Smurfs from being too public because people would freak out, but they end up at FAO Schwarz and Central Park.

How has life changed since the twins (Gideon and Harper, both seven months) arrived?
It's been great and exhausting and everything. We're parents now, so they anchor us to one location. We were pregnant at the time the movie was being made. I was able to appreciate what it meant to look at a sonogram picture.

They must be doing tons of cute things.
They're gumming a lot. And teething. We've been getting a lot of spit-up and saliva.

You're a big fan of theater and magic. What types of shows do you hope to expose them to?
Well, they're still so little. I don't want to overstimulate them and have to give them pills to calm them down [Laughs]. But the New Victory Theater does great stuff for kids with all their slapstick. And the Big Apple Circus is something I hope they get to experience.

Have you done any of your tricks for the twins yet?
Just the hypnotism one that gets them to go to sleep. But it rarely works.

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