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Dog on Fleas

Dean Jones and his Hudson Valley trio play Madison Square Park.

Photograph: James Fossett

Don't be surprised if your kid trades her air guitar for an imaginary trombone after seeing Dean Jones in concert. With the help of his trusty horn, Jones and his Hudson Valley trio, Dog on Fleas, have been playing adventurous tunes for nearly a decade. Jones is a self-proclaimed "musical omnivore," and his band's eclectic style touches on electronica, global rhythms, pop, folk, rock 'n' roll and ragtime. Playful lyrics about lima beans and underwear, coupled with a commitment to raucous musicianship, add up to a loose, joyful sound.

City tots will get the chance to experience the Fleas live when Jones and company bring their foot-stomping show to Manhattan this month. Expect things to get a little rowdy: Band members have been known to jump into the crowd to start a trombone-slide limbo line. The funky crowd-pleaser "Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step?" (from 2008's Beautiful World) should get little ones grooving. Parents, meanwhile, will get a kick out of the cover choices (Cheap Trick and Devo are band favorites). Everyone, whether creaky-kneed or knee-high, will have a blast at this outdoor jamboree.—Jeff Bogle

Dog on Fleas plays Madison Square Park series on Tue Jul 13.



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