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Four up-and-coming bands for kids

Kid-friendly bands to watch for in 2012.

Shine and the Moonbeams
Toting a Sharon Jones--esque brand of kindie R&B, Shine and the Moonbeams has performed with Dan Zanes and played at Kindiefest, but the band still remains relatively unknown in the wider world of kids' music. We have a feeling that's all about to change—the group's debut album is rumored  to arrive in February.

Essie Jain
Those looking to hit the refresh button on their lullaby collection will want to check out NYC's own Essie Jain and her kids' debut, Until the Light of Morning. This year, Jain plans to perform her sets live at yoga studios around the city; she's also releasing an iPhone app filled with her signature sleepy-time songs. lightofmorning.com.

Tim Kubart
Best known for hits with titles like "The Greatest Party Ever," Tim Kubart (of Tim and the Space Cadets) has been moving up the kindie-rock ladder since 2009. The musician most recently joined W-burg's new rock & roll play space, Frolic!, where he writes and records songs for tots and leads music classes. timandthespacecadets.com

Lori Henriques
Thanks to sharp, observational lyrics and the singer's easygoing voice, Lori Henriques's debut kids' album, Outside My Door, is the most exciting discovery of its kind since Carole King's Really Rosie (1975). "Something You Learn" provides an easy-to-follow template for navigating responsibilities and the little things that make growing up fun. lorihenriques.com.

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