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Classics 2.0

The phrase "children's classic" calls to mind titles like The Sound of Music, Captain Kangaroo and Goodnight Moon. But why stop there? With whole TV channels now devoted to keeping tiny butts glued to the couch, and legions of respected musicians competing for space on wee ones' iTunes playlists, it's time to add to the canon.

So Time Out Kids decided to take a crack at compiling a new classics list. We consulted experts and friends—and revisited our own youth—to come up with the most beloved books, movies, music, stage shows, TV programs and toys that have surfaced since 1980. On the following pages you'll find our picks for the childhood touchstones of a new generation. And remember: That cool flick your kid wants to see this weekend may be tomorrow's Wizard of Oz.

If, after reading, you're incredulous because we overlooked your faves, don't get mad; set us straight! Email kids@timeoutny.com with your new classic picks, and they may appear in our Readers' Choices Roundup. Remember, you can suggest any books, films, shows, toys, TV series and music that have premiered since 1980!

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