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Kid confidential: Elly, 7, Astoria, Queens

A Queens 7-year-old chats about arts and crafts, poetry and gardening. 

Elly from Astoria

Elly from Astoria Photographer: Tory Williams

I hear you're turning seven soon.
Well, my feet already growed, because I never was this size.

Do you have any plans for your birthday?
We're going to make parfaits again this year.

Yum. What about school? Do you have a favorite subject?
My teacher in first grade gave me the "best poet" award. But I like math the most even though I'm not the best.

What do you do for fun?
Arts and crafts. Me and my mommy made a whole puppet box. Some of them we bought, but most of them we made out of paper. It was mostly fruits and vegetables, but we did make some animals. Like a duck on a bicycle. But most of all, what I love to do is sing.

I heard you also like to sew.
Yes, I can sew little bags, but not as good as my babysitter, who just left.

What's the best part about living in Queens?
We have a garden, and Mommy gave me a little spot in the garden. I actually wanted to grow red poppies. But they turned out orange. Next time we talk, can I go to your house?

Well, I live pretty far away.
I don't care. I like faraway trips.

"I might be a kitty cat for the first time. But I'm scared about wearing the tail. I just don't like the tail."

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