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Kid confidential: Jimmy and Charlie, 5, Upper East Side

The UES twins chat about dinosaurs and the Knicks.

What's it like being a twin?
C I was born first. Jimmy kicked me out. That's what I remember.

You have a good memory! So what do you do for fun in the city?
C The aquarium in Brooklyn. I threw a cup into the seal place.
J Then they threw it in the trash.

You guys are big Knicks fans, right?
J I like Amar'e Stoudemire because he wins the championship!
C He doesn't only win. The whole team wins!
J He used to be on the Celtics. He got traded.

What's your favorite thing about winter?
J Getting cold. I like getting cold!

Are you excited for Christmas?
C Christmas Eve, yes!
J We go to Grandma's house somewhere in New Jersey.
C No, New York.

What did you get from Santa last year?
C My roller coaster.
J Hungry, hungry, hungry crocodiles.

I hear you both love dinosaurs.
J My favorite is the triceratops. I like the horns.
C T-rex. It's scary!

Then I bet you like the American Museum of Natural History.
J Yeah! But I don't like the art museum by the park. It's boring.

"There was a dinosaur in my box. There's a box for each children. It's like one box and you give it to somebody."

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