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Kid Confidential: Sasha, 6, Financial District

Sasha, age 6

Sasha, age 6 Photograph: Heather Gallagher

So you've been playing the violin for two years. Do you think that you want to be a musician?
No. I want to become an artist or write books. I want to write about dogs and cats and all kinds of animals. I've written six so far.

Six books? That's so cool! What sort of books do you like to read?
The Magic School Bus.

If the Magic School Bus were real and could take you on all sorts of adventures, where would you go?
I'd go to my grandparents' house in Florida.

It's gotta be pretty hot in Florida right now, huh?
Yes. I don't like the cold, I like the hot. But you know what's funny about this? When it's cold I say, 'I don't like the cold' and when it's warm I say, 'I want something cold to come.'

You sound like a typical New Yorker. But in the warm weather, you can wear skirts and sandals!
I like dresses. Pink, light dresses, since pink is my favorite color.

Do you wear them a lot?
One time I went to my friend's birthday party. We got to wear dresses, and we had a tea party and mini cupcakes.

Any plans for your next birthday?
I might have a tea party at the Plaza Hotel. I've been to the Waldorf Astoria. I got to dip my strawberry in a chocolate fountain.—Carly Okyle

"I want a sister. No brothers: a sister. I'll share my toys, but not my Polly Pockets, because they could put it in their mouth."

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