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Review: Everything About School (Almost)

Tada! Youth Theater's latest production teaches kids about growing up and the importance of friendship.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

In keeping with its tradition of putting on coming-of-age musicals—think Everything About a Family (Almost) and Everything About Camp (Almost)Tada! Youth Theater has once again produced a fun and moving show that both kids and parents will enjoy. Everything About School (Almost) follows eight friends as they move from elementary school to high-school graduation and experience the typical milestones of growing up—cafeteria food, first crushes and learning to fit in.

The show's staging is quite clever—actors playing the high-school-age kids sit at the back of the stage and watch their favorite school moments acted out by younger versions of themselves (played by the troupe's younger actors). Each musical number focuses on a different character's memory: Nancy Ann Cianci (Emma Fusco) learns to cope with her funny-sounding name, while Jennifer (Allie Korbey) and William (Jordan Alston-Harmon) realize their true feelings for each other. A standout number that kids are sure to get a kick out of is "I Hate Gym," in which middle-school-age David learns to apply his favorite subject, math, to PE class. Silly musical sequences about dubious school lunches ("On the Menu Today") and class clowns ("Can't Sit Still") round out the show.

The actors, who range in age from 8 to 17, are impressive, performing each number with such excitement and joy that it's impossible for young viewers not to dance in their seats and hum along. Parents—you'll do the same as you think back on your own school days. 

Everything About School (Almost) plays at the TADA! Theater through August 4.



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