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Bronx Zoo says farewell to beloved gorilla Pattycake

The Bronx Zoo’s Pattycake, the first gorilla born in New York City, passed away yesterday at the age of 40.

Pattycake at the Bronx Zoo

Pattycake at the Bronx Zoo Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

We hate to be the bearers of sad news, but we're mourning the loss of one of the Bronx Zoo's most famous residents, Pattycake the gorilla, who died Sunday, March 31 at the age of 40. As the first gorilla born in New York City, Pattycake had been making headlines since her birth at the Central Park Zoo in 1972. At five months, she made news again when she survived a broken arm and was subsequently raised in the Bronx Zoo animal hospital, away from parents Kongo and Lulu. Since taking up permanent residence at the Bronx Zoo in 1983, Pattycake became a New York City institution. Millions of families met her as they visited the legendary wildlife park, and she was the subject of two books, Gorilla Baby and Gentle Gorilla. While living at the Bronx Zoo, the western lowland gorilla also gave birth to 10 infants, who now live in zoos across the country, from Boston to Omaha. We'll miss you, Pattycake!

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