Check out kids' Lego works at The Art of the Brick (slide show)

Artist Nathan Sawaya is undoubtedly the star of "The Art of the Brick," but kids will have fun seeing Lego works by their peers on display there too.

We're beyond excited about the new show "The Art of the Brick" at Discovery Times Square, showcasing amazing works made of Lego bricks by artist Nathan Sawaya, which we predict will be the biggest exhibition of summer 2013 (and very possibly the biggest this fall, too). (It opened today, Thursday, June 13.) An element of the show that caught us by surprise in the last gallery was a collection of artistic Lego works created and submitted to the show by kids—and, to be fair, adults as well. Click through our slide show of works exclusively by children with your own kids. You'll get psyched for your trip to "The Art of the Brick," and maybe even inspire a little Lego building before you come.

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