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City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Festival kicks off Friday, February 1

Enjoy 28 days of creative cocoa flavors, from lemon and ginger to Vietnamese cinnamon, at City Bakery's annual Hot Chocolate Festival.

City Bakery

City Bakery Photograph: Lizz Kuehl

Few good things come out of freezing February weather, but City Bakery's 21st annual Hot Chocolate Festival, which kicks off on February 1, is certainly one of them. Each day of the month, owner Maury Rubin prepares a different cocoa flavor (this year you can expect caramel, banana peel and the white-chocolate "Ode to the Polar Bear," among others). Kids will want to pair their drink with one of Rubin's specialty pretzel croissants or homemade marshmallows. Which of the 28 flavors will be your brood's favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

The Hot Chocolate Festival takes place February 1–28 at City Bakery.

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