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Get ready to duck: A kid-friendly archery center is opening in Gowanus

NYC kids can shoot at targets at Gotham Archery, a brand-new archery center opening in Gowanus this Friday, June 13. Ready…aim…run away!

Gotham Archery

Gotham Archery Photograph: Courtesy Gotham Archery

Robin Hood wanna-bes can take a shot at archery, thanks to Gotham Archery (480 Baltic St between Bond and Nevins Sts, Gowanus, Brooklyn) opening this Friday. The Gowanus center is a 7,500-square-foot facility, equipped with 30 archery lanes, that welcomes both beginners (at least ten years old) and experienced archers to experiment with the sport in a safe setting. All first-time visitors begin with a $25 introductory class, which gets them a bow rental and a 15-minute lesson with a USA Archery–certified instructor, followed by 45 minutes of practice time.

The center offers official bows used in the National Archery in the Schools Program—an initiative promoting motivation and outdoor skills in students—and various targets to shoot at including standard models, balloons and even some that resemble zombies. A large room containing 20 archery lanes (two people per lane) for beginners opens to the public this Friday, and a smaller room with an additional ten lanes will become available to experienced archers in the coming weeks. Range officers will monitor the lanes and assist visitors to ensure safe and effective practice.

Kids ages 10 to 18 aiming to improve their skills can even join the center's Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program. Information on starting dates will be posted on the website.

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