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Interview: Meet the new members of the Wiggles

Don't adjust your browser—these colorful Aussies are, in fact, the new Wiggles and tickets to their NYC concert on sale on Friday, May 17.

Last August, city kids said goodbye to founding Wiggles members Jeff, Greg and Murray at their IZOD Center concert. Now, the band is back—and with a girl Wiggle. Joining original member Anthony is Simon, Lachey and Emma. Emma Watkins, dubbed a Wigglette by some, is destined to become a megastar. While Ms. Watkins is now the owner of the famous yellow shirt, she is no stranger to the Wiggles or to the stage itself. Her story began as a seven-year-old Wiggles fan, and astute fans may recognize her as Fairy Larissa in Dorothy the Dinosaur’s show and as a Wiggles dancer in recent live concerts. (She's also an accomplished dancer having performed at the Sydney Opera House.)

Before the first pitch of the Mets game on Mother’s Day, the new Wiggles made their East Coast debut at Citi Field, much to the delight of parents and tiny tots in attendance. There was the flashing of bulbs before, during and after the quartet performed a pair of songs, including “Do The Propeller”, the first single from their brand new album Taking Off!, and the beloved Wiggles’ classic “Hot Potato,” down the first base line.

We grabbed the band members for a few minutes behind home plate to ask about the Emma effect, their surprising teenage fan base and what their favorite colors really are.

On the new album, Taking Off!:
Anthony (Blue Wiggle): “We’re hoping to harness the energy of the new mates and keep the Wiggles going strong.

On baseball, America’s pastime:
Anthony: “This is, I think, our first baseball game. We are cricket and rugby fans in Australia. This Citi Field grass is real, seriously? That's the best grass I've ever seen!”

On introducing the first female Wiggle:

Anthony: “Back in Australia where the three new members are already on the TV show, girls are falling in love with Emma. here in the U.S. there are already girls sporting black skirts and yellow tops and that's just from seeing her online. We've heard of tiny Emma armies joining forces!”
Emma: “They have to be the most adorable army ever!”

On a surprising uptick in teenage fans:
Anthony: “There were thousands of teenagers showing up at our "Celebration" tour concerts last year. We think they came to say farewell to Jeff, Greg, and Murrary who were a big part of their childhoods.”

On their favorite colors:
Simon: “The colors were an accident, originally, right Anthony?”
Anthony: “That’s right, I ran out to the store in a hurry out of necessity and red, blue, purple and yellow were the shirts they had. Greg drew the short straw and got stuck with yellow. [laughs] But yellow is perfect for Emma!”
Emma: “It is, because I’ve been wearing yellow since I was a kid and all through primary school. It’s my favorite color, so it all worked out well for me!.
Lachey (Purple Wiggle): “I like green, that’s my favorite color.”
Simon (Red Wiggle): “I’ve always liked blue.”

The Wiggles new album
Taking Off! is out now. The group comes to New York City on October 1 with a concert at the Best Buy Theater. Tickets go on sale on Friday, May 17 at noon.

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