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Jacques Torres to open new chocolate factory in Brooklyn

The master chocolatier expands his production with a new, Willy Wonka-esque space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres

City kids will soon have a golden ticket to a Willy Wonka-esque factory in the heart of Brooklyn. We're excited to hear that master chocolatier Jacques Torres is shifting production from his Dumbo and Soho locations to a new space in Sunset Park's Brooklyn Army Terminal, located along a stretch of waterfront that might just experience a Dumbo-like boom after Torres moves in. Slated to open this summer, the chocolate factory will offer public tours, where New Yorkers can check out a "warm room" housing spinners, a five-ton melter and a decorating space, as well as a "cold room" for packaging the confections through a 70-foot tunnel. Stay tuned for updates!

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