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Meet ten-year-old DJ and NYC native Fulano Librizzi

Pint-size NYC DJ Fulano Librizzi chats about working with his mentor, playing for the Knicks and opening a hotel.

Fulano Librizzi has already deejayed for Fashion Week and spun records on The Today Show—and he's only ten years old. The NYC native has been deejaying since he was six and for the past two years has been the protégé of the esteemed DJ Cassidy, who counts Beyoncé, President Obama and Oprah Winfrey among his A-lsit clientele. On Friday, February 5, the young artist spins at the Club Applause Valentine's Day Hip-Hop Party for tweens at Tenjune. We caught up with DJ Fulano to chat about where his deejaying has taken him so far, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.

How did you first get into deejaying?
I started taking drumming lessons when I was four. My mom had a friend going to DJ school at Dubspot, and I got a scholarship to go. I tried it out, and it was the perfect thing for me. I knew it was a job I should have in the future.

I heard you're currently taking classes at Applause New York.
Yes, I'm working on my acting, hip-hop and choreography. I love to act. And I've gotten better at singing.

Wow, you're very well rounded! What has it been like working with your mentor DJ Cassidy?
He's taught me how to backspin, how to spin records while looking at a computer and how to use my headphones correctly.

How do you decide what to play when you're deejaying?
I base it on BPM, which means beats per minute. I play some music I like, and some music that older people like. I usually play some pop. My favorites are the classics, like James Brown and Rick James.

You've already spun for some pretty high-profile events like Fashion Week. What are your favorite events to play at?
I like deejaying for the Applause dance parties, like the one this weekend, because I have free selection over what I can play. Also, lots of my friends go.

And I hear you're playing for a Knicks game soon?
Yeah, on March 3! I'm going to make the playlist sometime this month.

You must be excited for that!
I'm pretty nervous. I'll be in front of 100,000 people, and a lot of celebrities will be there.

Who's your favorite player on the Knicks?
Carmelo Anthony. But my favorite player of all time was number 23 on the Chicago Bulls. Any guesses who it might be?

Hmmm...Michael Jordan?

Do you spend a lot of time practicing your deejaying techniques before an event?
I practice usually four times a week, when I'm at my mom's house. She has a DJ set.

What are your goals for the future?
I want to be the best DJ in the world. DJ Cassidy, you're going to go right under my wing! I also want to open a hotel in New York City.

Cool! What kind of hotel?
I'm going to call it the Grand Lasting. It's going to have a zoo and flat-screen plasma TVs. And I'm going to have a shark tank in the lobby. The escalator and railings are going to be tanks of fish, and the stairs are going to be sharks.

How much would you charge per night to stay at the Grand Lasting?
Maybe like $20.

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