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Meet the winner of the Big Family Quiz Thing at 92YTribeca

A question about candy corn helped ten-year-old Alex win the first edition of the Big Family Quiz Thing at 92YTribeca.

92Y Tribeca's Big Family Quiz Thing

92Y Tribeca's Big Family Quiz Thing Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

The competition was tough at Sunday's Big Family Quiz Thing at 92YTribeca, but during the final round, it was clear that New Jersey's Alex, 10, and his dad Eric (otherwise known as Team Stinky Cheese Heads) were the team to beat. Alex correctly (and quickly!) answered both questions of the final round: "If you travel due east from New York City all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, what's the first country you hit?" (answer: Portugal); and "From fat end to thin end, what's the order of colors on a standard piece of candy" (answer: Yellow, orange and white). We caught up with Alex right after his big win to chat. You can also click through our postevent slide show to see all of the teams and quizmaster Noah Tarnow in action.

Congratulations on your big win! You and your dad make a great team.
Thanks. We always like to share adventures in the city.

How did you find out about the Big Family Quiz Thing?
Well, I've always loved trivia games and answering questions. I record game shows like Who Wants to Be a Millioniare. My mom read about the contest in Time Out New York Kids and she knew I'd ilke it.

Stinky Cheese Heads. Why did you pick that as a team name?
[Laughs] It was random.

You and your dad had a nearly perfect score. That's impressive.
My dad is really good at sports and '80s-themed questions. I'm really good at science and geography questions. That's why I got the final question right about Portugal. Science and social studies are my favorite subjects in school.

Is this the first trivia game you've competed in?
I tried out for the kids' version of Jeopardy during Hurricane Sandy. I had to take a test online but we didn't have power—we drove to another area that did have power so I could take it. I passed the first round and came to New York City to play a mock game of Jeopardy. I didn't make it to the actual television show, but I was really surprised I got that far since 100,000 kids had tried out.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I don't know yet. Maybe a vet or an astronomer or a lawyer. I love arguing.

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