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Movies announced for the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival

All five films to be screened at this year's Central Park Conservancy Film Festival, in August, were chosen by the popular vote of New Yorkers.

Central Park Conservancy Film Festival

Central Park Conservancy Film Festival Courtesy Central Park Conservancy

The results are in! The brains behind the Central Park Conservancy Film Festival decided to shake things up a bit for the event's 11th annual weeklong fete and let the people do the picking. After thousands of cinephiles exercised their right to vote for the lineup (one each for the categories of classic, family, romantic comedy, horror and adventure films), five movies reigned supreme. Starting Thursday, August 22, and ending on Monday, August 26, attendees will get to watch one movie per night: West Side Story, Hook, Silver Linings Playbook, The Shining and Raiders of the Lost Ark, respectively. We doubt you'll win any parenting awards by taking your kids to The Shining, but there are two guaranteed kid-friendly, parent-approved flicks: Hook and Raiders of the Lost Ark, both rated PG. (Sneak out for a date night to catch one of the other choice films.) If this free film festival tickles your fancy, be sure to bring the kids to these other free outdoor movie series—without having to dip into your wallet.

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