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Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler talks raising kids in NYC

The comedian and Parks and Recreation star talks about raising kids in New York City and her favorite Manhattan parks.

Photograph: Dale May

Like most of you out there, we love Amy Poehler. Not only is she an awesome comedian (we continue to miss seeing her weekly on SNL's Weekend Update!), but the mom of two young boys, Archie and Abel. The Parks and Recreation star recently chatted with Senior Editor Amy Plitt at our sister pub Time Out New York about everything from her favorite parks ("Because I have little boys, I tend to like the local parks that are near my house—a lot of the West Village parks, because they're kid-friendly") to why she thinks NYC is a good place for people to raise kids ("My kids learn more on the walk from our house to the deli than they do driving around all day"). To read the full interview with Poehler, including her thoughts on the upcoming season of Parks and Rec, click here.


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