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Recycle fir trees and outdated electronics on January 12–13

This weekend is the perfect time to recycle your Christmas tree (at Mulchfest) and electronic devices your family no longer needs (at the QBG).



We're guessing you've been waiting for this weekend, January 12–13, to discard your Christmas tree, as parks all over the city will be recycling fir trees into mulch at the Parks Department's Mulchfest. Click here for a complete list of parks where you can recycle your tree—and bring home the mulch it becomes if you need it for gardening purposes. Head to the Queens Botanical Garden on Saturday and you can do another good deed by recycling old or broken electronics, from cell phones and computers to video game devices and printers, at the garden's tenth annual Electronic Waste Recycling event, which keeps these often destructive devices from destroying our beautiful planet. (A list of acceptable materials can be found here.) While you're there, you can savor all the reasons we have to keep it as clean as we can.

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