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Summer 2014: What Coney Island's new roller coaster will look like

The Thunderbolt, which was demolished in 2000, is getting a second life when Luna Park opens this summer.

We know it’s hard to imagine the kids licking an ice-cream cone in cutoffs while wandering around an amusement park, but it’s definitely in the near future. We’ve got proof: Beginning Memorial Day weekend, Coney Island's Luna Park will welcome the Thunderbolt—a 115-foot-tall, 2,233-foot-long roller coaster. The ride will reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour and boast a 90-degree vertical loop, a feature the park hasn’t seen since 1910.

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You may recall this isn't the seaside spot's first Thunderbolt; the original wooden roller coaster stood in the same spot for close to 60 years before being torn down in 2000. But it seems like the new kid, announced last summer, won’t have much trouble living up to its name. Riders will get about two minutes of thrills with two upside-down loops, a g-roll, a corkscrew and, as always, several cringeworthy hills. Check out the rendering above for a taste of the stomach-churning fun. Of course, that other famous wooden ride—the Cyclone—will also be around when Luna Park opens for the season. Now if only summer would hurry up.

We'll keep you posted on such details as when it will open, as well as age and height limits, as soon as we get them.

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