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The best-looking bars in NYC

Check out New York’s best-looking bars for date night or a for a treat-yourself drink in gorgeous digs

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

No, it’s not booze goggles—the best-looking bars in NYC really are that pretty. A mix of sultry cocktail dens, elegant wine bars and glowing whiskey bars, these beauts are sumptuous settings for great drinks in New York. Whether you’re looking for romantic things to do for date night or picturesque bars to go to alone, take a gander at New York’s most beautiful bars.

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Best-looking bars in NYC


Mother of Pearl

Like the menu, the cozy teal-and-white tiki den is rife with time-warp nods to the Pacific isles, including retro floral-patterned banquettes, hand-carved totem pole stools and mother-of-pearl light fixtures. The effect is somewhat dreamlike—corroborated by a lo-fi pop soundtrack ranging from the Velvet Underground to St. Vincent. If you can brush off the occasional stares of passersby—the gleaming neon sign and effervescent lights garner many a sidewalk double take—you might find yourself lost in booze-soaked bliss.

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East Village

Copper & Oak

Copper & Oak could pass for a small library, with backlit bookshelves crammed with 600 bottles of dark-hued elixirs—it’s an apt setting for those looking to expand their whiskey wisdom. The booze-geek haven takes its namesake seriously: The walls are made of deconstructed bourbon barrels and the caps from an old copper whiskey bottle act as knobs on the bathroom sink.

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Lower East Side

Bemelmans Bar

Choice acts keep New York’s most dapper nightspot on the map, while the steep cover charge and white-jacketed service makes sure riffraff doesn’t scuff up the bar’s most valued draw: original Ludwig Bemelmans murals. Mixologist Brian Van Flandern’s spiffy (and pricey) potions preserve the bar’s classic character. Try the popular Paradise cocktail (pear vodka, Aneri and prosecco with lime and bitters), or a rum, lime, tonic and Martell cognac concoction named for the spot’s longtime barkeep, Tommy Rowles.

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Lenox Hill

Gallow Green

In the early evening, the height of this dreamy, overgrown rooftop bar affords a regal view of gleaming West Side buildings and the cloud-streaked horizon. A floor of pebbles and slate, trellises woven with flowers and weathered wooden tables recall an upstate country home left adorably to seed. But as the sun descends over the Hudson and darkness encroaches, something stranger occurs. Christmas lights encircling small trees and the rafters overhead blink to life. A brass band waltzes dizzyingly through a funereal tune. An attractive waitstaff in virginal white uniforms materializes out of the shadows, while actors borrowed from the show downstairs weave in between tables, talking to guests in faux-British accents and lending the place the feel of a garden party lost in time.

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Maison Premiere

Scuffed into submission by owner Joshua Boissy and the designers behind nearby Moto, this gorgeous salon—its green walls fogged with a faux patina that suggests decades of Gauloises smoke—is devoted to the twin pleasures of oysters and absinthe: two French Quarter staples with plenty of appeal in Brooklyn. It's dangerously easy to be seduced sitting round the oval, marble-topped bar, emptying beau soleil and belon shells.

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Located inside the Pier A Harbor House complex, this outfit from the Dead Rabbit team channels Prohibition-era Cuba, a time when Americans flocked to the island nation for the liquid pick-me-up that U.S. law was denying them. A statue of Cuban lit hero José Martí stands proudly at the rum-flowing bar, where the stools are modeled after those in Ernest Hemingway–frequented joints in balmy Havana. Direct your attention to the walls, covered in 300 framed stills of Cuban life from photographer Vern Evans; the dark-wood bar, studded with brass plaques bearing the autographs of notable Havana lovers like Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and, yes, Hemingway; or the live band blaring Cuban rhythms from the corner.

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Battery Park

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Branch-offs can often snap under pressure, but Le Bernardin has sprung a stem as strong as its base. Sitting across the galleria from that vaulted seafood restaurant, Aldo Sohm’s annexed vino-hub is far less buttoned-up than its big brother—no reservations or suit jackets required—but the level of detail here proves this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The elegant living-room space hints at ritz (glittering globe lights, rare Keith Haring canvases), but a plush sectional at its center welcomes you to sink in and unwind.

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Midtown West

Bar Goto

Take a seat at Kenta Goto’s glimmering black-and-gold boîte, lodged away from the Houston Street bedlam, and you’ll find the noisy hype storm is curtailed by cool poise, from the hostess’s graceful reception to silent servers weaving through tables. In the absence of distractions, focus directs to the well-lit bar, where Goto effortlessly stirs his Far East–whispered creations. Like the cocktails, the 30-seat space’s elegantly composed trappings (dark purple walls, amber lights) are synonymous with Goto’s understated approach.

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Lower East Side

The NoMad Bar

With a mob-movie masculinity, the fireplace-lit space harks back to the late 19th century, when the area was dubbed the Tenderloin due to its beefed-up casinos, brothels and crime. Fittingly, the bar is the most boisterous of the hotel’s bunch, a dazzling anomaly of a pub. NoMad’s nomads: Here is your home away from home.

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Evan and Oliver Haslegrave—the bearded brothers behind hOmE design firm—co-own the bar and applied their sleek touch for the 60-seat interior: purple heartwood wainscoting, leather banquettes and glossy tiled walls. Their white-and-wood aesthetic is becoming something of a signature in north Brooklyn, reflected in dapper haunts including beer mecca Tørst, breezy drinkery Donna and the forthcoming Ramona, a sister to East Village lounge Elsa. One thing’s for sure—unlike Hannah Horvath and her ill-fitting rompers, Alameda is the style icon that newly chic Greenpoint deserves.

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