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London's best butchers

Just say 'neigh' to mystery meat. We pick out the best butchers in London, where provenance is assured, together with great service

M Moen & Sons

Proper meat is worth paying for and a good butcher is a world away from mystery meat. You'll get top-quality produce, knowledgeable service and a guarantee that the meat has been ethically sourced. These London butchers are a cut above the rest. Do you agree with our choices? Use the comments box below or tweet your suggestions.

The best butchers in London

Barbecoa Butchers

Given that the ‘barbecue steakhouse’ above it is a venture from savvy restaurateurs Jamie Oliver and US ‘barbecue king’ Adam Perry Lang, it’s no surprise that the adjoining butcher’s shop is smart, slick and serious about its meat. Cuts come handpicked from across the UK’s finest farms, before being aged on site.

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Mansion House

Borough Market

This huge market is more than just a tourist attraction. Head to the Middle Market for stalls selling game, beef, fish and fowl, plus a handful of exotic meats.

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Balham butcher Chadwicks takes the concept of ‘family-run’ to the next level, with nearly every member of the team some relative or other. They’re a cheery bunch too. You’ll find them serving excellent own-made sausages and pies, cuts of organic meat, and the likes of rolled haunch of venison (with advice on how to cook it).

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Dove & Son

Now in the hands of third-generation butcher Bob Dove, this good-looking corner site has been a Northcote Road landmark since opening in 1889. Service could be friendlier, but there’s no questioning the quality of the meat, including premium cuts of steak, in this high-end (and high-priced) shop.

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Nappy Valley

Ginger Pig

How many times have you been in a smart London restaurant and seen the words ‘From the Ginger Pig’ on the menu? Well you can recreate the meaty magic at home, with pies, pickles and sausages straight from their maker. There are five branches across town, but we love the Hackney outpost, which brings quality cuts to east London, along with excellent sausage rolls.

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South Hackney


Arguably the most popular butcher in north London, Godfreys has built a reputation on its vast and high-quality selection. Alongside the usual suspects (meat, sausages, pies), you’ll also find cheaper cuts (onglet, ox cheeks, rabbit), own-made stocks and more exotic options via advance order, such as a three-bird roast of goose, capon and pheasant.

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HG Walter

West London is awash with great meaty options. This fancy Barons Court butcher is also fairly modern, supplying to burger champions Patty & Bun, among others. Staff will advise on the best cuts for slow-cooking and supply offal and even Ibérico pata negra for the true meat fiends. Or just stop in to pick up first-rate steaks, chops and sausages. Take the time to browse the deli, too – HG’s homemade scotch quail eggs are worth the trip alone.

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West Kensington

Hill & Szrok

It’s not often that carcasses are given prominence in London restaurants, but that’s exactly what happens in the refrigerated window display of this ‘master butcher & cookshop’. Butchers by day and intimate dining room by night, Hill & Szrok has given new meaning to the phrase ‘open kitchen’ and made such a success of it that they had to open a pub/restaurant to deal with the demand.

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South Hackney

Meat N16

Much like many of the Stokey locals, the crew behind this independent Hackney butcher are bang on trend. Butchery classes and courses on matching wines to meat are the order of the day, as are a fine selection of cuts for taking home and eating – with beef hung for 20 days before carving up. Pity the butchers aren’t more welcoming, though.

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Stoke Newington

M Moen & Sons Butchers

The chaps at Moen have come a long way from their South Norwood roots. These days, they occupy a grand Victorian-tiled space moments from Clapham Common tube, where they cure their own bacon, source premium organic and free-range meat, and can supply you with pretty much everything you’d need for a smart dinner, from sparklingly fresh herbs to in-season veg.

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By: Time Out London Food & Drink


Andrew P

I live next to Clapham Common and therefore have used both Dove & Son on Northcote road and M Moem & Sons at Clapham Common.  

Firstly Dove & Sons are without doubt the most miserable lot I have ever encountered....it is as thought they are doing you a favor....whilst charging you top dollar! I therefore do not go there any more....it makes me thinks us Brits are quite happy to put up with arrogance....as it still seems to be busy every time I walk past. What a shame as there produce was quite good.

Sadly Moem & Sons does little better....what a fabulous shop, and the meat outstrips Doves in my view....unfortunately they also seem unable to be pleasant........unless of course your 18-30's thing in lycra....you'll be ok then!  You may have worked out that I'm a grumpy middle aged man who loves moaning....you may be right. What I would really like is just a smile and a thank you when I put  50 quid in a till. Try a bit harder lads!    


I can't recommend T & J Whenlock on the Barking Road in Plaistow, enough. Trevor and Jan have been there a while and they visit the farms where they source the meat from. Always helpful, they'll get you the exact cut that you need, or recommend a cut dependant on what you're cooking. Be prepared to wait, the queue is often out the door, and that's in the rain too! This is a real gem.


Great to see so many wonderful Butchers springing up, at one point it was a dying art, Traditional & Artisan fighting against the soul-less Supermarkets. We have a family 4 generation Butcher shop in Blackheath Standard GG Sparkes. Guy the owner was one of the first Butchers to source, promote & sell organics, Rare breeds too, and to watch his Butchery skills is like watching a surgeon at work :-) Well done Butcher shops everywhere!


I like the Provenance focus on free range AND grass fed; it's what makes all the difference to the taste. Their Wagyu beef from New Zealand is out of this world - you literally have never tasted it's equal. I believe that they sell it to some of the top London restaurants too...


What about Donald Russell. They're meat is so good that they have the warrant and supply all the meat for the queen. Plus they're about to start supplying a new steak house on the North End road in Fulham Broadway called Winston O'Boogies. Can wait!


Re: Our Eli. I live in Brixton and have yet to find a proper butcher here. The ones on Electric Ave are untrained hackers and not even rightly halal. Price is low, with quality to suit. Sure, you can skip borough market if you like, but Brixton's no alternative.


For Londoners near Crouch End, N8 Morley Butchers on Broadway Parade is well worth a visit. They stock meats from premium suppliers - traceable, good lifestyle, natural feeds etc. Beef is aged Angus from Millers of Speyside. A must visit for Biltong fans - make their own from their quality beef. Good website and blog http://bit.ly/14cn4NY


Don't forget that London's oldest and largest meat market at Smithfield is open to all. If you are prepared to compare and to haggle, Traders' prices are generally cheaper than retail. Many are happy to cut meat to order. The down side is that you need to be there between 3am and 7am Monday to Friday. There is a large underground car park offering a special rate to market customers but beware the Congestion Charge which commences at 7am. For exotic and unusual meats, it cannot be equalled.


Flock and Herd at 155 Bellenden Road in Peckham is a great, newish butchers run by Charlie, ex Ginger Pig at Borough. Well worth a visit


William Rose is my local, and it's great. Always a queue.

alexandra m

@Fletcher smoke & mirrors, ask if the Organic meat is Soil Association registered...


S J Walter - Baron's Court


I'd have to add Parsons Nose on Fulham Road in Fulham to this list. Absolutely top quality British meat.


You're missing SE london - Drings in Greenwich and John Charles in Blackheath!

alexandra m

@Ceri AND GG Sparkes Traditional Butchers - Blackheath Standard 

Peter Jones

Borough Market is a great place but there is one thing that is missing. I lived in the US and if you go to an Organic shop, restaurant or a butcher you will find the best tasting salt on the planet called Real Salt but I am yet to find a place that sells it here in the UK: I know it is sold on the internet by a company called pH Wisdom but what about in shops? It is fantastic on meat as it enhances the flavour. Once the British tastes this amazing salt, there is no going back.


Highlands Foods, 14 bittacy hill NW71LB at Mill Hill, best organic meat from wales and a great range of exotic game, crocodile, camel, zebra, ostrich which is great for BBQs and when having friends over for dinner adds a surprise!!


i have visited many butchers across london, moens are good and so are Lidgates(but a little bit silly on price). But my favourite is without doubt HG Walter.


What about Jack O Shea amazing beef with sound provenance and well priced despite location barbecoa at the back of one new change is also excellent despite the celeb chef association.


I bought some steaks from AllensofMayfair Butchers, and it was the best I'd never had.

Oli Pitt

I would also suggest Stenson and Sons in Brakenbury Village - near Hammersmith. 55 Aldensley Road London W6 0DH - 020 8748 6121 Go and see John and Perry for top meat - great skills and good advise.

Ian James

I don't agree with the assessment on Borough Market - the whole tourist label is such a tired argument - sure there's tourists, but it's a great market in and of itself. For sure there's a lot of expensive stuff, particularly around the Saturday gourmet market - but Sillfield, Ginger Pig and the other place that does the game and poultry are all competitively priced and superb quality produce. If you want to get onto the vegetable suppliers, then I find it hard not to spend more than £12-15 and not come back with a shopping trolley filled with top quality fruit and veg. I'm always amazed at how much I get and think about how little I'd get for the same money at a supermarket. I'm sure Brixton market is good too, perhaps even better value - but it's not so convenient for me to get to.

Our Eli

Borough Market is for tourists and those with more money than sense who buy into (literally) the nonsense propagated by the latest 'celebrity chef'. Ridiculously over priced stuff, often of doubtful provenance and quality, I've seen, for example, 'wild boar' on sale that was far too light in colour to be even the product of a domesticated cross. Brixton Market now, is a very different matter. Try the halal butchers on Electric Avenue or travel on to Tooting and go to the ones between the Bec and Broadway tubes.

Deborah Jones

Nice to finally have organic meat (Rhug from Wales) at Borough Market


Barretts in England's Lane. Legendary! 40 Englands Lane, London, NW3 4EE

Valeria Pout

And HG Walter at Barons Court. They are great!

Seamus O'Shea

Balwin's on Green lanes, Manor House! Excellent range of produce - brains, sheeps heads etc. Good game and the sausages - the true measure of a butchers - are superb.

Paul Griffiths

We really like Hennessys on Northcote Road SW11 - really helpful staff who know their stuff (and meat!)

Tom Wats

Ginger Pig also has a concession at Green Smiths on Lower Marsh - 27 Lower Marsh, SE1 7RG