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The best spas in London by area

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Affordable spas in London

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London's best spa hotels

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The best day spas in London

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London's best nail salons

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Ruy P

If you want to book a massage don´t do it with Treatwell (former Wahanda).

I tried to book a pregnancy massage for my wife´s birthday twice in two separate weekends and they never happened.

In the first one the booking didn´t arrive to the place so we weren´t in the system and the second one got cancelled two hours before the appointment.

After all this hassell they could only offer  us the  5£ discount that they were giving to everybody else in their website that morning.


Massage London



Nelly N

Today I visited spa London Marshall street, what a lovely little gem . Swimming pool ,gym and thermal experience. I loved my treatments the staff so friendly and always asking if I was ok . Will deff be returning maybe my treat to myself once a month :)

Laura K

I booked my sister Hen Spa day with London Therapy 4 U. I wanted something that was easy to organised, not too expensive, with simple payment options and where we could just show up.

We had an amazing time using Pool , Steam room , sauna , Jacuzzi and relaxing treatments.

They provide towels , lockers , showers, changing rooms , everything in one place. It is near Kings Cross station that why it was so easy to go to a nightclub after the treatments.

We all had a brilliant time and I would highly recommend using them.

Patricia B

Hi - I want to ask a question. Although spa descriptions - eg environment and treatments  is very helpful, I would like some information on where I could find a spa pool which has lots of individual jets which users can apply to different parts of their body - eg calf muscles, hips etc. I once went to a spa like this in Madrid and it was amazing.

James H

A spa is the best place to go to relieve all your stress. Regular wellness massages are not only stress-relieving; they also impact your health in a positive way. Your immune system gets boosted as well as your blood circulation. So getting a massage is not a mere relaxing session, it also sort of a medical treatment.

Chris B

The Best London Massage – our name speaks for itself. Take a stress away without leaving your apartment! We pride ourselves on providing mobile and visiting professional massage services in London. Our offer includes a wide range of massages for health and relaxation. When it comes to your health, it's important to stick with the professionals - all of our services are performed by trained and accomplished masseuses, arriving at your door! Our offer includes a Swedish, lomi-lomi, strong, and relaxation London massage. We give you a warranty of satisfaction, so do not hesitate!

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post on Introducing Our Gifted Hands Massage. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.

Sherry W

London? I would really love to go there to experience their spas. But for now, I am so broke. I can't afford to go there. I've been eyeing for Flawless HK. That's a bit near here. I heard they have massage, spa hong kong. Cool, isn't it.

George B

As you asked for the reader's favorite spa that you might have missed, here's a very important one that you have - Thai Square Spa. Amazing place with luxurious Thai inspired surroundings and best of Thai massage. So, you can consider adding Thai Square to the list. Nice list anyways.

Patricia S

I had a terrible experience at Spa London, the one in Swiss Cottage. I turned up on the day and no one was there. After waiting for 20 minutes in Reception I very gently knocked on one of the doors and a lady came out, angry with me for disturbing her while giving a massage. I explained that there was no one at reception and I had already been waiting for a long time. Very rudely she said that the lady that was going to do my treatments had called in sick. Apparently they try to call me 10 min before my appointment to cancel, when I was already on the tube and they did not even leave a message. I was treated very badly and was so upset afterwards. They were rude and they didn't apologise for cancelling 10 minutes before the appointment was due to start. I will never go back and would not recommend it to anyone!


Wonderful options. Luxurious. I, am seeking a peaceful place to swim, sauna, steam. Not join a club but go when I feel like it, just pop in. Are there any nice pools, clubs that allow 1 day entry? Thank you Janet

Jen Jones

I would recommend the Benjawan Thai massage on Stroud Green road, Finsbury Park for a really authentic thai massage experience. It is like walking into a little massage parlour in Thailand. I had lots of massages over there (lived there for a few years). They only opened a couple of months ago. The ladies are very friendly, shoes are taken at the door and a cup of thai tea brought to you. I went for the Thai oil massage which was great and was even given a bit of extra time (hate it when your hour massage turns into 45/50 mins! More tea and a chat afterwards. Great, and good value.


I don't recommend the spa at Marshall street.(Oxford)I visited to use thermal spa and paid£12.50 last week. The staff in the space gave me robe, towel and slipper to use the spa. But when I visited here last year,I was allowed to use this spa and pool by paying £ 5.50??? Is £ 12.50 is for robe, towel and slippter?? I told the staff about this but they just insisted shat they said!. People in the spa have not have robe at all!! It is not fair that some peole pay £ 12.50 to use thermal Spa and others only pay £5.50 to use thermal spa and pool!! I hope that they make the price clear to use thermal spa. I felt very stressful!!


I just came across this article and wanted to mention that I've been going to Karaboon thai massage for a few months now. The service and quality has never let me down. Great thai massage at affordable price which you won't get at other expensive spa's, which I feel are overated. I don't know about the oxford street shop but the one I always visit is near Victoria.


The Perfect Pamper at Ozone Health & Fitness, lovely pool and Spa area, brilliant massage!


PORCHESTER SPA?! NO WAY!! I've been there and yes It's affordable but you get what you've got for the price! COCKROACHES & GREEN MOLDING CEILING.... Not hygienic at all. I'll never go back to this place. So if this made it on Time out Best Spa in London list how the Spa below must look like?!


I would recommend Elysium Spa in the City of London, located next door to Tower 42 in Bannatynes gym. Recently under new management. Lovely decor, fantastic treatments and great value for money.


i visited acu-channel spa in old brompton rd south kennsington it has beautiful interior relaxed and peaceful atmosphere there have special promotional deal try it


I would recommend Karaboon Thai massage. After a tiring shopping trip on Oxford street, I had a perfect Thai deep tissue massage. The price is very good and they have a promotion at the moment so it's even better! I have to mention the manager Alice who was so friendly and helpful explaining to me about the different treatments. Just to note as I've seen other people mention they are near Tottenham court Rd, but they have moved to Oxford circus, off Regent street. For me this is a better location and the new salon is very nice as well. I would definitely recommend.

Annabel A.

Had a prescriptive facial and deep tissue massage at Ayanna Spa last week. Both therapists were really good and knew what they were doing. The facial was pampering yet delivered the result I was looking for - a glow for the evening out. Definitely worth a visit!


I've recently been to Karaboon thai massage on Oxford street and noticed that someone else has also left a comment, so I thought I would contribute my thoughts as well. This place is a real gem to find! It' has a very quiet, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a therapeutic massage if your feeling tired. The therapist was excellent and great technique. I had a traditional Thai deep tissue massage. The price is also very reasonable for West End.


Ironmonger Row Baths -- amazing value, ok so it's not private and piping synth music but it's healthy and helpful and clean and nicely done and classic and historic and has steam and hammam and cold plunge and chillout area all for under a tenner

sheila lally

O SPA London. Order for hair straighteners in July 2011 . Still not arrived. No response to e mails or letters. Appalling service


I found the secret: most of these spas use the ultra refreshing Champs de Fleur soaps from the himalayas. You can ge it on amazon now.


I've recently been to Karaboon Health and beauty on Oxford street, near tottenham court rd tube station. I had an excellent deep tissue massage, the therapist was experienced. They specialise in Thai massage therapies. I've visited twice now and will go again soon. I would recommend.


can anybody recommend a place for deep tissue massage in or around lindon?

georgia sell

hi everyone i am thinking of gettin my big sister siobhan an spa from me for her secret sants and from your storeys it has made me think of takin her there and it is so intreging but i am still not sure but it looks an amaazig place to go for a spa from everyones coment is is suppost to be relaxing so i probulary will go thankz

Elena Hermy

Hi, I read an article about Casa Spa Traditional Maroccan hammam in Time out . I visited the spa with a group of girls. I must admit we had a fantastic time. Marakech at your door step you do not realise till you go down the spa, it so relaxing and if you really suffer from lack of energy you should go there. the staff are very pleasant and very good at their job. We had cold water thrown at us , black soap all over our bodies followed by a good scrub down washed and covered with mud called rasoul. We had fruits, tea and sweets after the holistic massage. It is a true wellbeing .We came out with a baby skin, feeling good, relaxed and planning to visit the spa again.

Rosen Resa

K-West Hotel&Spa????? today?? did it become any better?


Gentlemen's Tonic

David Hughes

As a regular spa user, I visited spa LONDON York Hall for the first time two weeks ago. I have to comment that I think it was one of the best spa treatment's I have ever received, with very friendly approachable staff with full spa knowledge, after enjoying a full body massage and use of all facilities including traditional hot rooms, hammam area.( thermal spa experience) I came out feeling relaxed and revitalised and from now on I will be a regular client of theirs, especially with the reasonable pricing structure I have no excuse but to treat myself reguarly.

Joana Lobo

I really loved this article! I am an absolute fan of SPAs and well-being institutes. I have been to the Sanctuary and absolutely loved it. Another one that I have been a couple of times is the Lush SPA in King's Road. The SPA is located just under the shop and you have to go through it to get to the SPA. Almost like a little hidden secret, which I thought made things very cosy. The SPA itself has a very relaxed athmosphere, and all the products are Lush products so everything very natural and aromatherapy based. The staff are very knowledgeable and lovely and I felt treated like a princess! I have had The Spell treatment (to help you release from any worries in your life) and the Good Hour (for my very sore back) and I can highly reccomend it! Enjoy, ladies!