Hong Kong’s best quirky restaurants and cafés

A Harry Potter café, a space station-themed restaurant and a go-kart diner are just the start
B. Duck Café dessert
B Duck Café’s special mango pomelo sago

For a town filled with so many serious foodies and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, Hong Kong is a weirdly big fan of unusual concept restaurants – see the number of pet cafés and cartoon dim sum places all over the place that regularly get Instagramed. It can be tricky, though, knowing which ones actually have worthwhile food, so here are our top picks for the best strange eateries out there.

Hong Kong’s quirkiest-themed restaurants

9 3/4 Cafe
9 3/4 Cafe

9 ¾ Cafe

icon-location-pin Mong Kok

Dodging copyright infringement laws by being merely the city’s first ‘magic-themed’ eatery, this small Mong Kok café is full of Harry Potter props and offers various Insta-worthy drinks – all served in lightbulbs, oddly – and your typical Western fare. Harry Potter movie soundtracks play in the background to enhance the magic.


B Duck Café

icon-location-pin Yuen Long

As evidenced by Florentijn Hofman’s giant Rubber Duck installation from 2013, Hongkongers love rubber ducks. This restaurant, based on B Duck, the popular clothing brand, invites you to chow down on 3D rubber duck-shaped rice dishes, duck face-shaped cheesecake, and the popular local dessert mango pomelo sago. Except this version comes with rubber duck-shaped jelly in a foamy bowl – like a bubble bath, get it?

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Charlie Brown Café

icon-location-pin Tsim Sha Tsui

Even without the gimmicky hook of Peanuts, Charlie Brown Café is enticing with its voluminous variety of drink options. Their menu features more than 40 coffee and ice frappa choices, including the Charlie Brown caffe mocha and latte – complete with Snoopy’s adorable face as latte art. A customer favourite is the Snoopy-shaped moulded rice – a real dog’s dinner.


Comic Park & Cafe

icon-location-pin Kowloon Bay

Celebrating cartoon characters of all sorts, from Mazinger Z to cartoony shiba inu, Comics Park and Café serves pastas and hot teppan dishes and comes with a gift shop that hawks an eclectic mix of merchandise. Best of all, though, the restaurant comes with a decent arcade where you can exchange your winning tickets for further comic-themed goodies.

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Crazy Car Cafe

icon-location-pin Cheung Sha Wan

Go for a spin on crazy carts – actually pretty safe electronic go-karts – after fuelling up on Western fusion cuisine and deep-fried snacks. Granted, the food isn’t going to be adding to Hong Kong’s collection of Michelin stars, but there’s plenty of space for some exciting drifting, spinning and high octane racing in the 15,000sq ft venue. Think Mario Kart but in real life. 


Enos Space Station

icon-location-pin Kowloon City

Clearly spotting a gap in the market, Enos Space Station is proud to be Hong Kong’s first space station-themed restaurant – something we’ve all be dying for. The menu is filled with aptly-named dishes like Space Pasta and Space Rice but where Enos shines is its range of Japanese soft-serve ice cream. Be sure to take a selfie with the monkey in a space suit out front.

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HA Cube

icon-location-pin Kwun Tong

This Kwun Tong spot is exactly what every city needs – an indoor fishing shrimp farm. The Cube, as we’re dubbing it, is currently Hong Kong’s only indoor venue where you can fish for shrimps, lobsters and all things crustacean, and then barbecue it straight afterwards. The restaurant provides everything from fishing rods to bait, so all you need to do is sit back and wait for your meal to bite.


Hello Kitty Secret Garden

icon-location-pin Tai Hang

Secret Garden could almost be mistaken for a hipster joint what with its wooden furniture and natural light – if only it weren’t for all the Hello Kitty imagery plastered across the restaurant. The garden-style eatery tries to crowbar the popular cartoon character into every dish in every conceivable way, from Hello Kitty-shaped waffles, tarts and cakes to toasting her image on the inside of burger buns.

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Mad For Garlic

icon-location-pin Causeway Bay

Dracula would not be a fan of this place, apart from, perhaps, its tavern-like rustic setting. If you’re a garlic lover, though, you may be, well, mad for it. The Korean import serves Italian cuisine with Asian accents and the recipes are all about the pungent bulb. Signature dishes include garlic covered steaks, spicy garlic pasta and garlic snowing pizza. Just have a breath freshener at the ready.


OMQ Dining Room

icon-location-pin Prince Edward

Enter the world of Hong Kong’s most famous comicbook character, Old Master Q. Calvin Tse, owner of the restaurant, met the late Alfonso Wong, the creator of Old Master Q and every detail was approved by Wong himself. The dining room features a range of different artwork and there are photo ops all around – even the chairs have been illustrated. The menu is a pretty extensive one with soups, sandwiches and pastas, all in the shape of Old Master Q.

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