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  1. Typhoon Hong Kong
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  2. Rainy day hong kong
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The best things to do indoors during a typhoon in Hong Kong

Here are the best activities and things to do while you wait out the typhoon.

Tatum Ancheta
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Tatum Ancheta

With the typhoon warning still in place, nearly all of us are indoors, riding out the heavy rain and blowing wind from wherever we are. Stuck inside and bored? Well, if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s to be creative with our time indoors. So, to keep our minds busy, we’ve come up with a quick list of things to help stave off the crazy.

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Things to do indoors during a Hong Kong typhoon

Eat everything you have left in the fridge
Photograph: TA

1. Eat everything you have left in the fridge

Having a hard time booking through food delivery apps? Head for your fridge and check out all the containers you've stashed with leftovers. The key is to think of leftover food as ingredients. Wrap that extra stir-fried noodles in spring roll sheets and fry up some yummy spring rolls. Use steamed or grilled vegetables into a frittata, or blend them with tomatoes to make a flavourful sauce for pasta, or heat it up as a creamy soup. 

Never-ending games of mahjong
Photograph: Unsplash/Mick Haup

4. Never-ending games of mahjong

Ah, one of our favourite pastimes. When you're trapped indoors for hours on end, arguably the best way to kill time is to go hard on the mahjong table. A couple of rounds of mahjong can easily last for hours – for those who don't know, four games make up one round. The hardest part might be to get four players together, especially if you have friends or family who live far away. Perhaps this is the perfect time to make friends with your neighbours?

Dig out the board games
Time Out Hong Kong

5. Dig out the board games

Unplug from your devices and spend some family time together playing board games. Dig out old favourites like Game of Life, Cluedo and Twister or try to annihilate each other in a game of Monopoly. Whip out a deck of cards and deal out a few rounds of poker or the Hong Kong favourite, Big Two, and ruin friendships. For more board game ideas, hit up this list

  • Bars and pubs

The pandemic taught us that we don't have to be outside or with anyone to bring the party to our homes. So, hit up your friend on video call for some at-home happy hour. Mix and match all the half-empty bottles of liquor you have lying around and turn to your kitchen for the perfect ingredients already available within your reach. Click below to see seven kitchen ingredients you can use to make cocktails. 

Finish reading that book you've been meaning to
Time Out Hong Kong

7. Finish reading that book you've been meaning to

There's no better opportunity than when you're stuck at home to finish up that novel or biography you've been meaning to conquer. Get that old book you have lying around somewhere, or download some of these books to help you escape reality

Clean up the house
Photograph: Unsplash/Daiga Ellaby

10. Clean up the house

That pile of unnecessary crap you've been amassing in the corner has never been more obvious. The kitchen cabinet probably needs cleaning out. We've all got that chair piled with clothes that really ought to be going to the laundry. And when was the last time you cleaned the back of the television? Here's a perfect opportunity to do your best Snow White impression and tidy up the place.


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