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What Time Out Hong Kong editors are looking forward to when everything goes back to normal

Looking forward to the future with a positive outlook is keeping us sane

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Time Out Hong Kong

While processing social changes and accepting that for the time being, staying in, working from home, and not being able to socialise outside is our new normal, we can't help but daydream about the things we are excited to do once everything goes back to regular programming. Looking forward to the future with a positive outlook helps keep us all sane. Check out the things that Time Out Hong Kong editors are missing and are excited to do once everything blows over.  

Tatum Ancheta, Editor-in-Chief

"These challenging times made me think about the mundane experiences I always took for granted – like walking my pomeranian outdoors, going to the market, eating with my friends and family, not wearing a mask outside, or just being able to walk on the sidewalk and not be paranoid if someone will sneeze in my direction! I live alone, so I sorely miss socialising with people. When things finally go back to normal, I'm excited to meet up with friends and drink at Hong Kong's neighbourhood bars and discover new places to get the best tipple in town. I will book all the wine tasting and mixology sessions in the city! And to burn off all the alcohol, I will join hiking groups and trek the highest peaks and longest trails that outdoor HK has to offer. I can't wait to shop in the malls and actually try clothes on before buying. And finally, as soon as it's safe to travel, I will book a vacation outside of the city and visit my family and spend time with my partner as I have not seen them since the year began. I can't wait to soak up the sun on Philippine beaches. I hope I can still catch the autumn in Japan, discover new flavours in Peru, visit the vineyards in Bordeaux, France, and sip on Barolo wines in Piedmont, Italy." 

Sam Evans, English Editor

"I'm so excited for the current situation to be over. In Hong Kong, a lot of establishments remain open while adhering to social distancing measures, but I keep away regardless so as not to put myself at risk. Maybe I'm completely nuts, but I also find myself holding my breath when walking past people outside! I think it's fair to say the situation has affected me greatly. I very much look forward to getting stuck back into Hong Kong's amazing restaurant scene, and I suspect that all this will make me appreciate our eateries even more. Never again shall I put off going to a restaurant and instead ordering a pizza delivery! When all this is behind us, I'm also excited to take public transport out to where it's more green and see some of Hong Kong's wonderful nature spots. Bring it on! And as much as I love Hong Kong, I am looking forward to being able to leave again when the situation improves. I want to revisit Vietnam, particularly Hanoi to enjoy some Vietnamese coffee, and Melbourne, as it's been on my bucket list for ages!"

Jenny Leung, Digital Editor

"Apart from probably just hugging the first person I see (which probably won't be so well-received), the first thing I want to do when things get back to normal is to go out and explore the city again, and not be afraid to be in close proximity to people on the street! I will go and hit up all the best Instagrammable spots, go to my favourite hidden bars like Feather Boa and Dr Fern's Gin Parlour, and gorge on cheap street food – all the simple things that most Hongkongers would do on a daily basis. And I also cannot wait to get out of this city and travel. My destination is, of course, Japan, but to be honest, I'll be happy just to hop on a plane and go anywhere." 

Ann Chiu, Chinese Editor  

"Cinemas are temporarily closed, so I end up just watching online streaming and K-dramas during this period. When everything returns to normal, I can't wait to head out to the cinema to enjoy some new movies on the big screen. I also look forward to getting back in the F&B scene and I am very eager to try out the newly opened restaurants. With the world currently under lockdown, and with stringent restrictions in place across North America, Europe, and Japan, travelling is currently on pause. Sigh, I already missed the cherry blossoms in Japan, so my next trip could be anywhere in The Land of the Rising Sun, maybe I’ll take a Japan Rail tour in Kyushu area from Kagoshima to Fukuoka, or drive around in Hokkaido to enjoy the beautiful lavender season. Japan, ganbatte!”

Cara Hung, Staff Writer   

"Bars and karaoke places are temporarily closed, so when everything is back to normal, I can't wait to meet my friends and drink at rooftop bars (with no masks on!). I also miss going to local music festivals like Clockenflap or live music venues, and as soon as it is safe to roam around, I will definitely hit up the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong to snap some good pics. As of now, I don't feel like travelling long distance, so the nearest that I would go to is Taiwan. It's near Hong Kong, and there are cheap eats everywhere!"

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