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Cheryl M

Hello, I am trying to locate newspaper articles, old photos, books, anything, on silent movie star, Antonio Moreno. He was born near Madrid in 1887 and came to America around 1912. He became quite a big star here, but, I am trying to locate a memorabilia shop in Madrid, or a newspaper that might have ANYTHING on him celebrating his fame in Spain, or on his early days. I'm having a dificult time locating more information,  I have a "Moreno Monday" blog on Facebook at a particular site there and can really use more photos and articles from old magazines, etc. Can you lead me to a store, museum, library or newspaper publication in Madrid that might help me? Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Cheryl Monteiro

Gaurav K

Curry Masala Restaurante, Madrid

The Most non Child friendly restaurant in Spain. Never ever Visit 

Gaurav K

Curry Masala Restaurante Hindu, Madrid

Date – 1 July 2016

So there we were to the Curry Masala restaurant in Madrid. Very well located right close to the shopping street. I was with my wife & 4 yr old daughter. A child.

After a good walk, we were hungry & looking forward to some good Indian food as my daughter had upset stomach, we thought the Indian food should be good. Simple rice and curd will help. And we entered the restaurant.

The staff was so friendly that they upfront told us – Hamera Yaha group Aane Wala hai, Oder mein time lagega. Which is they are expecting a large group and they will take time in the order. We were fine with it as we had some time and actually tired so thought we can eat here than searching for more Indian restaurants.

We sat down at the table, waiting for someone to come & take the order. And no one comes. We ask for the person again & again. And no one comes.

Again we ask for someone and someone comes with an amazing rude tone, Hamera yaha Group hai, jaldi bolo, Order mein time lagega. That is We have a group, hurry up, Order will take time.

Without realizing, we have a child, we are Indians and we were there to eat.

Is that how the restaurant treats its fellow Indians? Specially with a Child and a family.

Dear @ Curry Masala- Please realize that if there is a family with a child that needs to be treated well. Every Indian will not ask for a discount & we are there to eat not beg. You have treated up really bad and dis-respected us and the Indian community by asking up to leave.

Your business is not just the group but also Individual travelers who come and have an experience.

Guys – If you any nationality- do not ever think of this restaurant. If an Indian Restaurant cannot respect their own Nationals outside the country they will not be able to ever respect & treat any nationality.

I have written to Spain tourism also to not to encourage or promote these restaurants who do not have a Child friendly policy & have such a rude staff.

Lela O

Hi, Time Out Madrid!

We are a famous music band from Georgia and would like to participate in music festival in Madrid. Would you please provide me terms and conditions how to take part in it.

Thanks in advance,