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You know us already: the obsessive guide to impulsive entertainment—New York City's comprehensive source for arts and entertainment listings. Time Out New York online gives you access to full content from the current issues of the magazine, searchable access to hundreds of listings and more than 3,000 restaurant and bar reviews, and a backlog of issues covering the first ten years of TONY.

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Head of Content, North America Rocky Rakovic
National Features Editor Tim Lowery
Staff Writer Will Pulos
Art/Editor-at-Large Howard Halle
Film Editor Joshua Rothkopf
Food & Drink Editor Jake Cohen
Food & Drink Alyson Penn (Assistant Editor)
Music & Nightlife Andrew Frisicano (Editor), Ro Samarth (Associate Editor)
Theater & Dance Adam Feldman (Editor)
Things to Do Jennifer Picht (Editor), David Goldberg (Associate Editor)
National Copy Chief David Delp
Copy Editor Courtney Duckworth
Senior Digital Producer Hannah Streck
Video Editors Delia Barth, Gorge Gallardo


Global Content
Global Editorial Director Caroline McGinn
Head of Global Content Alex Plim
Global Engagement Lead Alyx Gorman
Global Travel Editor Kate Wertheimer
Global Engagement Strategist
 Clayton Guse


Global Creative Director Tom Hislop
Designer Daniel Yu

Designer Aashna Shah
Digital Retoucher Rasendu Shah

Photo Editor Andrew Tess
Associate Photo Editor Ann Sullivan

Production Manager Robyn Cohen
Circulation Distribution Manager Brian Martens


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Managing Director, Media Americas Stacy Bettman
Business Development Manager, E-Commerce Jessica Henig
Senior Creative Strategist Rachel Cohen
Associate Manager, Creative Solutions Dakota Hersey
Director of Events and Client Relations Erica Dion
Senior Business Development Manager Dan Kenefick
National Sales Manager Sharon Borawski
National Sales Manager, Time Out NY Ross Zuckerman, Sabrina Schneiderman
Sales Managers Madeleine Macmillan, Arianna Romeo
Senior Manager, Midwest and West Coast Local Advertising Dana Briskin
Business Development Manager, Programmatic Andy Karpel
Canada Jim Redden, Redden Media Solutions Inc., 647-342-2261

Premium Profiles
Sales Director, Premium Profiles Melissa Hediger
Business Development Manager James Brunault
Sales Executives, Premium Profiles
 Ben Levine
Account Manager, Premium Profiles Kristina Gudelis, Timothy Martines

Ad Operations
Managing Director of Global Innovations and Operations Rachel Glickman
Ad Operations Specialist Brian Moravec
Account Managers Salomon Islas, Toccara Labady, Maria Pugliese


National Content
Head of Content North America Rocky Rakovic
National Features Editor Tim Lowery


Online Marketing & Analytics
CRM & Merchandising Manager Jim Ngokwey
Head of Audience Development Lacey Budd
Content & Merchandising Assistant Emy Rodriguez
Content & Merchandising Assistant Taya Kenny
Senior Manager, Business Development Americas Cezara Popa
Marketing and Sales Manager, Chicago Madeline Nickels


Accounting Manager David Vuong
Staff Accountant Elizabeth Skid
Senior Accountant Jimmy Nilan
US Credit Manager Ramel Sumter


HR Manager, North America Amoi Alawoya
Human Resources Generalist Dominique Dieguez
Recruiter Karissa Brodenck-Beck


Director, Product Management Theresa Meyer
Group SEO Manager Chris Richardson
Product Manager Grace deLottinville
Product Lead Daniel Hawking


CEO, Time Out Group Julio Bruno
CEO, Time Out Digital Christine Petersen
CTO, Time Out Digital Bernie Bernstein