The best French restaurants Sydney has to offer

Voulez vous manger avec moi ce soir?

Photograph: Anna Kucera

From light-as-air crepes to seafood bouillabaisse and rich steak tartare, Sydney has a lot of to offer in its French restaurants. Here’s our ranked list of where to get your Gallic on Sydneyside, so you can get so-Frenchy-so-chic without even having to don your gumboots.


Metro St James

Take an outdoor table and watch the giant chess tournaments happening just across the way in Hyde Park while plane trees and old oaks create dappled shade over your croque monsieur. This guy features a light and creamy béchamel, silky ham and good bread.

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Four Frogs Creperie - Mosman

Four Frogs is run by four French friends who missed crepes so much they opened their own shop dedicated to the art of wafer-thin pancakes. Try the galette with goat’s cheese and dried fig or the “Tartiflette” – made with melty raclette cheese and smoky bacon.

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Booth Street Bistro

Rustic fare features on the seasonally changing menu. Plump seared scallops with capsicum caramel are briny and sweet but given complexity when coupled with gravelly, sautéed black pudding and tiny knolls of veal sweet breads. And don’t miss the steak frites.

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This is the place to kick back with a glass of Champagne laced with a little green Chartreuse, or a glass of rosé, and maybe a bar snack or two. The thinly sliced pig's-head terrine wearing an avalanche of thinly sliced baby vegetables is a must-do order.

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Try the long, thin, tender slices of tripe slow-cooked with buttery onions: it's the spag bol of offal with its sticky richness. And how about a big beefy amen for the flank steak? Here, it's sliced across the grain and smothered in herb butter with a big pile of golden chips.

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Missy French

The first restaurant from Neil Perry’s daughter shows great promise, not to mention a few early triumphs. Try the barramundi Grenobloise – the fish is perfectly cooked – lightly caramelised on the outside and meltingly tender within – and topped with burnt butter, salted anchovies, capers, green olives and a rich, crunchy crumb. 

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Potts Point


Get all the thrills with plenty of frills at this restaurant from top chef Guillaume Brahimi. Kick off with the rich yet gently flavoured creamed asparagus sporting a layer of finely chopped truffle and sweet striations of mud crab. Paired with a Loire Valley Sancerre, it’s perfectly balanced.

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To experience not just France, but Paris during the Belle Époque, head to Hubert in the CBD. From the candlelit tables and old-fashioned tunes to the carefully crafted cocktails and beautiful food, as soon as you sit down you’ll be planning your next visit. Whatever you do, order the chicken fricassée: it’s a whole bird sectioned up and drenched in rich, thick tarragon-infused gravy and confit mushrooms. And it’s one of the best dishes in Sydney right now.

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By: Time Out editors


guy l

Why is it that all the write ups are about French Restaurant in Sydney's CBD? There is this fantastic French Bistro in Gordon, in the Atrium between the CBA and Westpac banks...a real French bistro owned by a frenchman. It's called Bistro de Philippe...You should go there and give then a go.

You won't regret it. Only open for dinners and lunch fridays only.

Kate Demaere

Oops I think you missed the best one... CAFE DE FRANCE in Coogee. Owned by Rafaele Yon her restaurant is a true neighbourhood local. They serve honest, tasty french food - for breakfast lunch and dinner. Crepes and Croque-monsieur for breaky, steak tartare and cheese souffle amongst other frenchie deliciousness for lunch/dinner. Quality ingredients. Cute interior. Well priced. Cosy. Highly recommended! C'est magnifique :)

Oh and the lovely French Touch in Crown Street - also the creation of a french national rather than Merivale.