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Time Out Hong Kong's best cheap eats

The best cheap eats in Hong Kong

Fuel up with our guide to the best dishes and snacks in Hong Kong for $50 or less

By Lisa Cam and Time Out editors

We all know that Hong Kong is a famously expensive city, and last year it was revealed by the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index that our hometown is the most expensive in Asia when it comes to fine dining. But forget the luxury side of things, you can still eat cheap in Hong Kong – and eat well, too. Don’t believe us? Here are 50 of the best cheap in Hong Kong costing less than $50.

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The best cheap eats in Central & Western

Froyo popsicle at Snack Shack

Restaurants Ice-cream parlours Pok Fu Lam

What’s better than frozen yoghurt? Froyo on a stick, of course. For a yummy and guilt-free summer treat, try out one of these low-fat popsicles from Snack Shack. The flavours change seasonally but past varieties have included chai tea and salted peanuts.

The best cheap eats in Wan Chai & Causeway Bay

Salmon sashimi rice bowl at 隨您鍾意(Okonomi Japanese Food
Photo by Calvin Sit

Okonomi at 隨您鍾意 (Okonomi Japanese Food)

Restaurants Japanese Tin Hau

In Hong Kong, Japanese food can often cost a bomb without leaving you satisfied. Not so at Okonomi, though. This restaurant, with a few branches across town, offers ace Japanese dishes for diners who are on a budget. Tuck into a rice bowl topped with salmon sashimi, cucumbers, eggs and crab roe. Come hungry for this quality raw fish and rice medley.


Bacon pineapple burger at Burger Home

Restaurants Fast food outlets Wan Chai

This homegrown burger joint serves up fresh handmade patties each day. Add fresh tomatoes, a slice of pineapple, some lettuce and bits of crispy bacon and you’re in for a big, juicy delight of a meal here. This bacon pineapple burger ain’t complicated but it’s hard to nail perfectly and, thankfully, the guys at Burger Home do just that.

Beets, feta and pumpkin superbowl at Pret A Manger

Restaurants Cafés Causeway Bay

We say superbowl, you think of American football. But this superbowl is served up by Pret and packed with enough energy to fuel a gridiron player. The beets and feta variety is our fave. The base of quinoa and rice mix comes layered with a combination of spinach, roasted beetroot slices and sweet roasted pumpkin. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up meal without trashing your wallet, touchdown in Pret this lunchtime.

bake cheese tart
bake cheese tart

Baked cheese tart at Bake

Restaurants Cafés Causeway Bay

Bake’s baked cheese tart comes all the way from Hokkaido, Japan, to tantalise our tastebuds. The crusty dark brown dough is filled with a creamy cheese mousse that is soft and silky in texture. And the egg, wheat and milk flavours are complimented by a tinge of saltiness. Irresistible.

Hokkaido milk pudding at Milk Top

Restaurants Causeway Bay

Hokkaido milk is famous for its rich, creamy, almost vanilla-ish taste. Symbolised by its 3.6 percent fat content, any dairy product made with this stuff is good for you. Taste the original and unadulterated milky flavour at Milk Top or get it in a plethora of varieties such as matcha, strawberry and cookies and cream.


Steamed milk dessert at Yee Shun Dairy Company

Restaurants Chinese Causeway Bay

The double-boiled milk pudding at this local favourite cha chaan teng has become iconic over the years. The smooth creamy milk arrives at an almost lip-searing temperature. It’s an authentic experience. Not to mention, tasty too.

Cart noodles at Wing Kee Noodle

Restaurants Chinese Causeway Bay

Cart noodles aren't a fussy affair, but they're a tasty one. The noodles are drenched in broth with tons of goodies thrown in. At Wing Kee, there are three variations including chicken wings, pig skin and pig’s blood.


Rose lychee cupcake at Twelve Cupcakes

Restaurants Bakeries Causeway Bay

Baking fresh handmade cupcakes from scratch daily, Twelve Cupcakes provides an array of choices tailor-made to suit all tastes. The cookies and cream is a delight but we love the rose lychee cupcake. The floral and fruity flavours complement each other perfectly and is always a popular choice.

Calbee crisps and ice cream at Okashi Galleria x Calbee Plus

Restaurants Snack bars Wan Chai

Just one of Lee Tung Avenue’s Japanese imports, this place should need no introduction. There’s just something so wrong, it's right when it comes to combining fresh crisps and soft serve, smothered with chocolate sauce. Calbee has created a ‘typhoon shelter spicy wavy’ flavour just for Hong Kong. Flavoured with just the right amount of kick, this is one guilty pleasure not to miss.

The best cheap eats in Kowloon

Pan fried beef buns at Islam Food

Restaurants Kowloon City

People come from all corners of Hong Kong for a helping of these Islamic ‘beef burgers’. The ground-up beef is finely seasoned and oozing with delicious meat juices. Cheap as chips ($38 for two) and tasty as hell if you are willing to wait in line.

Turkey kidney skewers at Fei Jie

Restaurants Mong Kok

Street food is a staple in Hong Kong cuisine but few compare to this popular local vendor. While Fie Jie offers expected options like cuttlefish balls and soy-braised snacks, the menu is famed for its more unusual yet insanely delicious skewers. Namely turkey kidney and pig offal. It may not sound appetising but throw on some sweet sauce and a dash of mustard and you’ll know why there’re long queues every day. Prices vary, but usually, you can get three skewers for less than $30.


Egg sandwich at Australia Dairy Company

Restaurants Cafés Jordan

What’s so special about an egg sandwich? Ah, this one comes from the Australia Dairy Company cha chaan teng in Jordan and contains the best scrambled eggs in the city. Always just the right balance of runny and creamy textures, and chock full of rich yolky notes, you can get this in a set meal for different prices throughout the day.

Salmon musubi at Hana-musubi

Restaurants Japanese Cheung Sha Wan

This salmon musubi is the best quick, cheap lunch or dinner on the go. Grab it if you’re rushing around in Lai Chi Kok or near any of Hana-musubi’s branches in the city. The cheap and cheerful rice ball that’s stuffed with a generous sliver of salmon can certainly tide you over until suppertime.


Uni hand roll at 勁回味 (Tasty Reminiscence)

Restaurants Japanese Tsim Sha Tsui East

A typical uni hand roll can cost up to $100 in high-end restaurants. But not at this popular Kowloon spot. Indulge in a delectable, melt-in-your-mouth version of the Japanese classic for less than half the price here. And despite being cheap in price, this doesn't skimp on quality. The sea urchin boasts a smooth custard-like texture that’s tucked in rice and wrapped in top-tier crunchy seaweed. Uni-d to try it.

The best cheap eats in New Territories

Dumplings at 婆婆家餃子館 (Grandma’s Dumplings)

Restaurants Chinese Sha Tin

Some say that good things come in small packages. This is definitely true for Grandma’s Dumplings and, no, we don’t mean any innuendo there. This fab restaurant in Tai Wai, in the New Territories, boasts small-but-hearty beauties. The dumpling wrappings are thin and tender, and the fillings are well balanced with meat and vegetables. Get them fried or boiled and served with a delicious broth.

Lolly waffle at Haru & P

Restaurants Cafés Kwai Fong

The lolly waffle at Haru & P in Kwai Fong is big in size and big in heart with a glorious range of flavours. A range of different toppings and icings make the lollies shine, plus there are some fab seasonal toppings on offer too. Haru & P’s maple-syrup waffle is a supreme winner, as is the chocolate variety.


Beef and egg claypot rice at Chan Hon Kee

Restaurants Chinese Tai Po

Tai Po is a top place to go for excellent cheap eats. And you know it’s a good sign when the crowds line up outside a restaurant on a daily basis just for one type of dish. At Chan Hon Kee, they queue in their droves for the claypot rice. There’s a big selection to choose from but the sirloin beef and egg variety is this eatery’s star. Enjoy the juicy meat alongside just the right amount of egg. Open from 6pm daily, dine and devour this sizzling neighbourhood favourite.

Chilli dog at Burger Deli

Restaurants Fast food outlets Sai Kung

We know, we know. This place is best known for its burgers but the scrumptious hotdogs shouldn’t be overlooked. You can’t go wrong with this no-frills chilli dog. A plump sausage snuggled inside a warm, squishy bun that’s smothered in mouthwatering chilli con carne is a veritable protein on protein meal. It’s a messy ordeal to eat but the pairing of sauce, sausage and bun should keep you coming back for more. Simple, cheap and delicious as hell.


Shrimp roe noodles with wontons at Ping Kee Noodles

Restaurants Chinese Tai Po

Thin noodles served with generous amounts of shrimp roe, beef balls and wontons in a full bowl of soup. Squeeze your way into the perpetually busy Tai Po Market to get a taste of this eatery’s signature dish that exemplifies comfort food. The smell of dried shrimp powder stimulates the appetite. And, when you dig in, the umami flavours satisfy your palate.

Meaty bao at Couple And The Bao

Restaurants Sandwich shop Yuen Long

Solid takeaway sandwiches are the order of the day at Couple and the Bao, although the name uses some artistic license as the bread used is toasted ciabatta. With fillings of slow-cooked pork belly, fried pork chops and boneless chicken wings, amongst others, these are some meaty baguettes, and at around $50 a piece they’re a decent choice for a snack.


Ice cream brownie at Fooody

Restaurants Cafés Fo Tan

This chillaxed spot is perhaps the best kept secret in the industrial area of Fo Tan. Spacious, with vintage furniture and homeware scattered around the eatery, it feels like some sort of private members-only club. Claim a sofa, buy yourself a cuppa and soak up the live music during the weekend. Oh, and don’t forget to try the ice cream brownie for the perfect sugar rush! Nothing beats ice cream on a brownie, particularly at this price.

Chocolate and Honey Stars egg waffle at More Eggettes

Restaurants Snack bars Prince Edward

Egg waffles are a Hong Kong classic and More Eggettes is where the classic becomes the iconic, providing a delicious twist on egg waffles. The eatery combines chocolate and Honey Stars into the mix. You read that right. The kid’s favourite cereal is added on the surface of each ‘bubble’, giving the soft and gooey waffle a satisfying crunch. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


Soy sauce chicken rice at 百寶雞 (Eight Treasure Chicken)

Restaurants Chinese Sha Tin

Many restaurants in Hong Kong serve up an unfair chicken-to-rice ratio. Basically, by the time you’re done munching down the meat, you’re left with a huge portion of leftover rice. But at Tai Wai’s Eight Treasure Chicken, you get extremely generous portions of soy sauce-marinated and braised pieces of chook with a perfectly proportional amount of rice. A cheap eat treasure. Eight of them, in fact.

Hotdog Brothers

Restaurants Yuen Long

When it comes to hotdogs, Yuen Long doesn’t immediately comes to mind, but thanks to Hotdog Brothers, they are changing up the food scene with their signature meaty hotdogs. Options worth trying are the barbecue pulled pork ($48) and the Mega Cheese ($46) – melted from four different cheese. Make it a full meal and order up some mozzarella sticks and onion rings.

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