Come outside and lay

Whether you're a doer or a watcher, New York is a public-sex wonderland-you just have to know where to look.

The Williamsburg and George Washington Bridges

You'll find: Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Risk-takers
Dan M., 27, and his ex-girlfriend dropped their pants on the GWB.“We ducked into one of the arches on the walkway and went at it,” he says. Though a Department of Transportation rep told TONY that he doesn’t know of any laws or fines that forbid climbing (or screwing) on bridges, it is considered a security threat, and you can be arrested for trespassing—not to mention public lewdness. But don’t let that stop you. “It gives you a great connection to the city,” says one anonymous lunatic who did it on the tippy-top of the Williamsburg Bridge.

The High Line

You'll find: Exhibitionists, Risk-takers
The historic High Line—an abandoned elevated rail along the West Side—will be a park by year’s end. But for now, it’s a popular place for a quick romp. Moses Gates, 32, a city tour guide and “guerrilla urbanist,” opines that it’s “a combination of ‘get-the-heart-racing’ and seclusion.” Tell that to the folks moving into the new condos overlooking the structure when they get an eyeful of your antics.

The New School for Social Research

You'll find: Exhibitionists
In Terry Williams’s “Sex and the City” course at the New School, students investigate Gotham’s wide range of horndogs. Classes are held in empty warehouses, at private play parties and anywhere else sex workers, dungeon dommes and exhibitionists set up shop. If taking notes takes the wind out of your sails, never fear. Williams says: “Sometimes we’re told, ‘If you want to ask questions, then you should also participate.’”

The Ramble

You'll find: Cruisers, Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Risk-takers
Central Park’s 38-acre, densely wooded stretch—from 73rd Street to 79th Street—has been a favorite gay cruising spot for, like, ever. In the 1920s, part of it was even called the Fruited Plain. But it’s not just for boys anymore. Keith, a 27-year-old scientist, confirms: “We were on the large rock in the Ramble, and I can verify that it is a perfectly acceptable venue for hetero sex.” Central Park has other secret spots you can find with a little research—ask CNN’s Richard Quest about West Drive at 64th Street, or check out or Craigslist.

Avalon Chrystie Place

You'll find: Voyeurs
Big, glassy windows provide cinematic views of the gorgeous East Villagers who live here, as well as the ones who are getting sweaty at the in-house YMCA. You don’t even have to worry about getting caught (at least by the police). The only current law against voyeurism bans the use of a camera or other “imaging device” to surreptitiously view, broadcast or record another person.

Alleys on the Lower East Side

You'll find: Cruisers, Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Risk-takers
For the old-fashioned down-and-dirty, nothing beats a smelly city alleyway. Tod S., 29, is not anxious to share his favorite spot on the Lower East Side, but he offers a couple clues: “The alley is near a park. And it’s accessible from the street, so no trespassing is required.” While we’d never dream of spoiling anyone’s fun, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out either. So try exploring near Hamilton Fish Park.