Things to do in NYC today

The best things to do in NYC today involves free and cheap activities, awesome concerts and more

Photograph: Still Awake

Consider our list of things to do in NYC today your social emergency savior. There’s always something cool going on in Gotham, but what if you’re searching for something super-specific like killer parties in NYC, concerts, interesting exhibitions at the city’s top art museums or free things to do? Oh, yeah, you’ll find all of these events and more on this page. Whether you’re looking for date ideas or something fun to do on the cheap, we totally have you covered.

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Lakeshia Y

How mean, how could you even put his comments under here, how embarrassing, he probably likes men and is confused, set him up on a date with a guy, he response may be alot different! Even if you're not attracted to someone, you don't hv to be mean are cruel!

Jason L

Why do all those people think that DJ booth is a bar in the top photo?

Camille D

Savvy Unearth The Rock Concerts!!!!!!

Evie M

CHILIFEST at Chelsea Market Sunday January 31! A great way to warm up today!

Briana P

Do TimeOut's 'undateables' include any senior citizens?   I haven't seen any, but maybe I missed something.    If you haven't featured any yet, it would be great to see some soon.   There are plenty of us around, and many of us are single.  And please - by senior citizens, I mean those of us who have actually passed our 65th birthdays.  Far too often, those in their 20's think of anyone over 40 as a senior.

As someone who is the same age as your guest editor, Susan Sarandon, I see a distinct lack of attention paid to the social needs of those in my decade of life who are not celebrities.   It would be great to see that change. Thanks!

Kerry A

I have a complaint: I'm an avid reader of the "Undateable" section in Time Out, where Time Out sets up two strangers on a date. Well, last week's article featured a boy who wrote extremely cruel things about his date. I understand you want people to be honest, but I can hardly support someone ripping their date to shreds publicly.

Gio M

Do you have the link,

Cindy G

@Kerry A OMG he is clearly seems so find someone soon while he will just be single and unhappy forever..

Pam F

@Kerry A 

Seriously. If he wants to really talk about looks, let's talk about looks- HIS in, when you look like he does, you should probably be a little nicer. Or at least funny. No need to ask why he's single- it's pretty obvious. I'd say Ariana dodged a seriously miserable and boring bullet.

Joshua S

@Kerry A Honesty isn't appreciated anymore. Instead of leading her on, he gave his honest opinion. 

Melodie D

Calle 13 is doing a signing today at 6pm at El Barrio Music Center in Harlem!


So many different kinds of events. Not your usual touristy stuff , and free. Love this site.