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Guide to Hong Kong weather

Hong Kong weather can be unpredictable. From things to do during a typhoon to what beach to hit up when it’s sunny, you can find all the info you need here

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Graham Turner

Who says talking about the weather is boring? No-one in Hong Kong. Not when local weather warnings range from thunderstorms and extreme heat to typhoons and landslides. And let’s not even get started on the near 100 percent humidity that blankets the city much of the year. All that can make it a real headache to plan seeing Hong Kong’s best attractions or knowing when to book one of the best hotels in Hong Kong.

This guide is designed to give you a heads-up as to what weather to expect each month of the year in Hong Kong and what activities are most suitable. Fasten your seatbelts! Here comes weather...

A year-round guide to Hong Kong weather


The city’s coldest month. January is (relatively) chilly with the average temperature dropping to about 15 degrees. Still not truly cold, this is a great month to be out and about, what with an average rainfall of just 33mm – the lowest of the entire year.

So, a great time to be active outdoors – especially if you over-indulged on the turkey during Christmas. Check out the best Hong Kong hikes, hiking trails for families in Hong Kong and the city’s top 10 cycling routes for starters. Alternatively, if you feel it’s a bit too nippy for you to go outside but you still want to get in shape, see our ultimate Hong Kong gym guide.


Much like January, Hong Kong stays fairly dry and cool in February with the average temperature coming in at 15 degrees and rainfall climbing slightly to 46mm. This being the month of love, have a look at our guide to 10 typical Tinder dates. Also, the nights are long during February, so take a look at our feature on Hong Kong after dark. Still waddling around after the Xmas holidays? Here are the weirdest workouts to try in Hong Kong.



One of the best months of the year weather-wise. April is mainly sunny with low humidity, making it one of the best times to visit. Things continue to get wetter, with the average rainfall hitting 137mm, but April in Hong Kong is rugby sevens month, so that’s ideal.

The world-famous celebration of hedonism, and a little bit of rugby, involves heady bouts of drinking and dancing. Get yourself ready for sevens season with our guide to the best costume shops in Hong Kong, 10 typical Hong Kong Rugby Sevens fans and the best Hong Kong Rugby Sevens outfits.



It’s often logical to assume that summer is the best time to visit a city. Not so in Hong Kong. June is arguably the worst month for weather with humidity reaching oppresive levels (temperatures average a balmy 28 degrees) and rainfall a non-stop nuisance as an average of 394mm descends on our SAR. Have a word with yourself, rain. 

Indoor activities it is then. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. See our best indoor sports activities guide or hole up in a bar from our pick of Hong Kong’s 50 best bars. If the skies are clear, try to beat the heat by heading to one of Hong Kongs best beaches.



Expect to sweat. With temperatures averaging at 29 degrees, 90 to 100 percent humidity, the simple act of walking around outside is nothing short of a little slice of hell. Thankfully, there’s still plenty of rain, usually about 381mm, so even if you’re sweating like a pig, no one is likely to notice. 

With such oppressive weather, we suggest keeping physical exertion to a minimum. Either take it easy in one of Centrals best bars, do maximum eating, minimum moving at one of Hong Kong’s best brunches or simply take a staycation at a great local hotel listed in our best Hong Kong hotels guide.


With temperatures averaging 29 degrees and rainfall coming in at 367mm, you’d be wrong if you thought August would be an improvement when it comes to weather. Indeed, this is peak typhoon season. Thankfully, we’re well prepared in Hong Kong. Start by being thankful that it’s (probably) not worse than Hong Kong’s worst typhoons. Get comfy, stick on our (definitive) typhoon playlist, have a read at our list of 10 things to do indoors during a typhoon and then round out your day by reflecting on Hong Kong’s 10 biggest weather extremes. It could always be worse...


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