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Time Out Card competition: Exclusive Imax screening of 'Robots 3D' at the Science Museum

We've got 200 pairs of tickets to give away

If today's robots are nothing short of astonishing, those on the horizon are revolutionary and becoming eerily like us: they're called humanoids. What does it take to make a robot that can do anything we can, but without the benefit of a human brain?

The Science Museum's new Imax film, 'Robots 3D', will explore this question (and a lot more) as it showcases the latest developments in contemporary robotics, both successes and failures. Robot 'actor' RoboThespian will introduce you to Chimp, Atlas, PR-2, Herb the Butler, iCub, and others as he takes you on an amazing tour of what's going on in robotics labs around the world. We've got 200 pairs of tickets to give away to an exclusive screening of 'Robots 3D' on Saturday September 12, the film is rated 'U' and the screening starts at 11am.

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Adam G Tastemaker

I was really impressed with 'Robots 3D', it was not only insightful but also very entertaining. It was my first time visiting the imax at the Science museum and I was not disappointed. The screen was huge (apparently taller than 4 double decker buses!!!) and I was not expecting it to have its own snack bar, really giving you the full cinema experience.

The documentary itself was very interesting, showcasing a selection of some of the most advanced robots being developed today. It provided many easy to understand examples of the difficulties engineers face creating humanoid robots because of the complexity of the human body. These examples were often shown using simple, humorous cut scenes making the documentary interesting for both adults and children.

I would encourage everybody to get down to the imax at the Science museum and check it out!!

Tiago Almeida Tastemaker

It was really interesting to understand that there are already so many robots in our life's and to see what will be the near future.

It was a really enjoyable screening and I would recommend to everyone (not only kids) to see it.

Josie Tastemaker

I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Science Museum had an Imax screen and there is a great list of movies on at all time.  The Imax experience really made Robots 3D come to life.  I was sad to learn it will still be some time before I have a Robot butler but some of the robots shown really amazed me, the most impressive of which was ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot. The scariest of all being the Android robots which have been created to look just like humans.  I think I would prefer my robots to look like robots.

This film really is for everyone, especially those like myself who are waiting on their robot butler.  Adults and children are able to engage with this interesting look into the technological advances that have been made.  I would really recommend this to anyone who plan to visit the Science Museum as a great addition to an amazing venue. 

Kritt N Tastemaker

In Robot 3D, you'll join Arty, a Humanoid robot, on a exploratory journey of the robot world. You'll get to learn about robots of the past, discover how far robots have come to where we are today and how far robot technology has yet to go.

Overall, I enjoyed Robots 3D. The Imax theatre at the Science Museum is the biggest cinema screen in Europe and complemented by 12,000 watt speaker makes the whole experience immersive. The 3D effects jumps right at you.

The film is aimed more at kids but nevertheless, I think adults will enjoy it too for the awesome 3D effects. This would make  a good family fun day out.

MooseInLondon Tastemaker

Definitely a fun film for everyone (kids to adult kids!). It is amazing to see the progression of simple (dumb) robots to now talking/expressing android (but hopefully not feeling yet--- thats a bit too Blade Runner for me). The screen is amazing and the 3D aspect is not cheesy which is always a plus. 

Basically, if you like robots and how they are really progressing, give it a go! 

mcuttle Tastemaker

I've never been to the Imax screen at the Science Museum before and the 3D in this short documentary is fantastic. The robots really jumped out of the screen as we learned about the latest tech driving robotics to help mankind. Hosted by Robothespian, it looked at androids, how robots handle walking, problem solving and more. Personally I didn't really learn anything new and the movie is more directed at kids but if you're on a family day out and want to see some really well shot 3D then this could be worth a punt.